man pricing up items
How to price a product: a business guide

Growth and strategy

27 April 2021

Not sure how much to charge? AXA’s guide will help you set the right price

Small business marketing plan: A step-by-step guide

Growth and strategy

22 May 2024

Every business should have a strong marketing plan. From setting goals to identifying customers, your marketing plan can act as a blueprint for success for your business.

What is dead stock and how can small businesses avoid it?

Growth and strategy

21 September 2023

Left over stock that’s slow to sell may not sound like a big deal, but it can have a lot of knock-on effects for your business.

Contractor vs subcontractor: guide for small businesses

Growth and strategy

12 September 2023

Within many different business areas, but especially the trades, there may be an opportunity to work as a contractor or subcontractor.

Upselling, cross-selling and bundles

Growth and strategy

18 July 2023

We explain three essential retail tips: upselling, cross-selling and bundles

How to find & hire staff for my small business

Growth and strategy

12 May 2023

With the cost of living crisis, changes in the marketplace and constant shifts in employment, many employers are looking to hire staff now more than ever.

Tradesman and AXA Customer, Steve Follard, heading to work
How to become a good tradesman

Growth and strategy

28 February 2023

Learn how to build customer trust with this list of dos and don'ts.

Finding a mentor: what you need to know

Growth and strategy

22 February 2023

Ever thought of finding a business mentor to guide you on your journey?

How to win investment for your business

Growth and strategy

9 February 2023

Pitching is one of the hardest parts of starting a business. Learn how to do it.

How to take the nerves out of networking

Growth and strategy

28 November 2022

For many business owners, networking can feel like a necessary evil. Here, Wendy Harris, owner of WAG Associates, shares her top tips on making it less nerve-wracking.

What are Angel Investors

Growth and strategy

17 November 2022

With recent predictions that the property market may remain volatile for the immediate future, investors may be looking outside the property industry for their next big project.

Cut Your Business Costs

Growth and strategy

29 September 2022

It's a big decision, deciding what to cut. Here's how to make the right choices.

What is liquidity planning?

Growth and strategy

13 September 2022

Understanding liquidity can help businesses better to prepare for short term financial issues without having to take on more debt. 

Employee retention for small businesses

Growth and strategy

13 July 2022

When running your own business, keeping your staff happy can be just as important as keeping your customers happy. Here, AXA explains why.

AXA Customer, Abigail Butler, drying a client's hair in her salon
What type of hairdressing salon is right for you?

Growth and strategy

28 April 2022

Learn more about the pros and cons of each salon type and find the best for you.

Hiring An Intern: Insight For Small Business

Growth and strategy

5 October 2021

AXA’s marketing intern, Olly Buckley, shares some insight for small businesses who are thinking about taking on an intern.

Restaurants back to business
How restaurants and cafés can get back to work safely

Re-opening your business in

Back to Business

31 March 2021

What steps and precautions your café must take to reopen safely

Laptop and sheet of paper
How to write a business continuity plan

Growth and strategy

2 March 2021

What is business continuity planning (BCP)? Outline how your business will operate during an unplanned disruption with AXA’s handy checklist and template.

A cafe owner
How small businesses are surviving lockdown

Back to Business

29 May 2020

Are you worried about your small business during lockdown? Maybe you’re self-employed and unsure about social distancing? AXA’s guide explains more.