Videographer insurance

What is business insurance for videographers?

Business insurance is a policy made up of several covers to protect a business. The most common type of insurance for videographers is public liability insurance.

This is the backbone of most business insurance policies for videographers, protecting you from the consequences of slips, trips, and falls that might happen when you’re out and about on a shoot.

You might also consider employer’s liability insurance if your business is expanding and you take on more people so that you’re covered if an employee falls ill or gets injured on the job, or business equipment insurance to make sure all of your most important equipment is protected if it gets damaged or stolen.

Why do videographers need insurance?

Being out and about on the job is in a videographer’s job description. When you’re doing that, you’ll be around your clients and the public all day and working with expensive filming equipment back and forth. That’s why you need business insurance – to have your back if the worst should happen.

There are several situations where business insurance would come in handy, such as:

  • One of your cameras is damaged when you’re on a shoot
  • A guest is injured on a set as a result of your rigging equipment
  • A prop you’re using for filming falls on a client, and they get injured
  • Your filing equipment – cameras, lighting, tripods etc – get stolen from your van while your on location
  • The tablet you use to make bookings and create invoices gets dropped and smashed

What types of videography business can be covered?

We cover most professional situations, but won’t be able to cover you if you do: 

  • Aerial photography, including drones 
  • Underwater photography 
  • Hazardous locations 
  • Claims arising from lost or poor-quality photographs/footage 

How much does videography insurance cost?

AXA business insurance customers pay from £6.79* per month for cover.

However, every business in unique and so are their insurance needs. But here are a few common factors that can affect any business insurance policy.

  • Your occupation affects the cost of your insurance as each trade and professional industry has different levels of risk. Often, the most risk your occupation poses, the high level of cover you’ll need.

  • Where you complete your work can affect your premium as businesses located in areas with heavy footfall, or who interact more consistently with members of the pubic, are at higher risk of accidents occurring.

  • How many staff you have will affect your premium as more employees opens to up to more possibilities of claims resulting in negligence or accidental injury.

The quickest and easiest way to find out what your price would be is to get a quote with us – and if you chose to get a quote online, you’ll also save 10%** on the cost of your policy.

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Do I need insurance as a freelance videographer?

Though it’s not a legal requirement, it’s still highly recommended that even as a freelance videographer you’ll invest in business. Additionally, if you’ve been hired by is a local authority or a regulated business then they may require you to have business insurance before they can work with you.

There are no additional requirements of covers required when you’re working freelance, and the only main difference you may find is that you’re unlikely to need employers’ liability insurance since you’ll be working for yourself.

    Can I insure my equipment?

    Yes, you can get insurance specifically designed to protect your videography equipment.

    Business equipment cover can be used to protect cameras, lenses and tripods – as well as mobiles, laptops and hard-drives that are essential to the day-to-day life of your company.

    Please note: This cover isn’t available as a standalone cover. You can choose to add this to any of our of business insurance products when you’re getting a quote.

    Frequently asked questions

    Do I need public liability insurance as a videographer?

    Yes, public liability is the main cover option for videographers. This is due to the amount of time you spend around your clients and other members of the public. It may also be a cover required by high profile clients before a project can begin.

    Do video editors need business insurance?

    Business insurance is an important investment for any business, and that includes video editors. You may choose to get a lower level of cover due to your limited exposure to the public, and your lack of employees, however it it’s still important to make sure your business is covered.

    Does public liability insurance cover my business for the actions of my employees?

    Yes, public liability insurance covers you for any action taken by your employee that results in a third-party making a claim against your business.

    Please note: public liability only covers the actions of your employees, not claims from an employee. Learn more about the difference between public liability and employers’ liability.

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    *10% of our customers paid from £6.79 for ten months between January and March 2024 after an initial deposit. Interest applicable. For more details see our terms & conditions.

    **This discount is applied automatically and lasts for the lifetime of your policy.