Car and road safety

Toddler being strapped into his car seat
Choosing the most appropriate car seat for your child

Car and road safety

19 January 2023

Discover everything you need to know about choosing the perfect car seat for your child, from legal requirements to essential features and tips for purchasing the right one.

A speedometer registering 50 miles per hour
What are car speed limiters and will they become standard?

Car and road safety

24 February 2022

Discover all you need to know about the introduction of speed limiters in new cars, and how this technology could impact road safety and insurance costs for drivers.

Man looking at overheated car engine
What to do when your car overheats

Car and road safety

13 December 2021

Explore crucial advice for preventing and addressing overheating cars, including checking coolant levels, understanding the cooling system, and how to identify potential causes of engine overheating.

A parent and child crossing the road holding hands
Why is speed so important?

Car and road safety

3 December 2021

Discover the impact of speeding on road safety, consequences of driving over the limit, and tips for staying within speed limits to drive safely and responsibly in the UK.

A female driver changing her car tyre
What to do when you get a puncture

Car and road safety

2 December 2021

Discover essential tips for preventing flat tyres, how to identify the warning signs, manage emergency situations and learn about temporary fixes for cars without a spare.

A woman stretching her back
Driving posture and why it matters

Car and road safety

12 November 2021

Achy shoulders? Stiff back? Discover your daily driving posture may be taking a toll on your body and what to do about it.

Reflection of man in car rear-view mirror
Teenager learning to drive? What you need to know

Car and road safety

11 November 2021

Find out why insurance is more expensive for young adults, and explore practical solutions to reduce premiums and ensure the safety of young drivers.