What is a nail technician?

Nail technicians are responsible the appearance of their clients’ fingernails and toenails. There are several jobs they might undertake, such as styling, lengthening, shaping, and decorating with coloured varnishes and designs.

Why do nail technicians need to get insurance?

As a nail technician there are several reasons why insurance is a good idea for your business, such as:

Slips and trips

One of the most common reasons for an insurance claim to be made against a business is slips and trips. Accidents happen and a trip or fall can lead to injuries both minor and serious, and that’s when you could find yourself facing a claim. Trips can be caused number of things from wet floors to spilled products or loose cables from your equipment.

Bad reactions to a product

Nail art is very delicate work and keeping up with the trends typically means new products and methods. But the nature of this type of work means using new nail polishes, nail strengthens, chemicals, cuticle oils etc. With new products comes the new risk that a client might have a reaction to one of them. If that happens, you’ll need insurance to handle a claim.

Damaged equipment

You use a lot of different tools to make your clients’ nails look their best – nail clippers, files, cuticle trimmers, UV lamps etc. And, unfortunately, sometimes tools break or get lost. These items can be costly, and you might not always have the money on spare to replace them. With insurance behind you, you can get these problems sorted sooner.

An employee gets injured on the job

Just like a customer might have a bad reaction to a nail polish or cuticle oil, there’s also a chance that an employee could get injured on the job. They may have a bad reaction to a nail product or get an accidental injury with one of the tools they’re using.

Is business insurance compulsory for a nail technician?

The only type of insurance that’s compulsory for businesses is employers’ liability – which is only compulsory if you’re responsible for employees. Other than that business insurance is optional, as a responsible business owner, you should consider getting cover.

What types of business insurance are suitable for nail technicians?

There are several types of business insurance that are suitable for nail technicians. These include:

Public liability insurance is one of the most important covers for nail technicians since you deal with the public every day. If a client you’re working on gets cut when you’re trimming their cuticles, or burned from a new oiled or polish, you might end up with a claim on your hands. Similarly, if one of your products least to a chemical burn or an allergic reaction, product liability has your back.

If you’ve got anyone else working with you then employers’ liability insurance is a must. It’s important that you have this cover as it’s a legal requirement. It’s there to make sure that if one of your employees gets injured or falls ill while working for your, they’re covered. It covers full and part time employees, volunteers and trainees and self-employed contractors.

You’ve got a lot of bits and pieces to keep business going and business equipment cover is here to help with that. So, if you damage a UV lamp or misplace some expensive nail clippers, things can get out of hand quickly. So, it’s important that you protect the equipment that makes your business dreams a reality.

Do I need insurance if I’m a self-employed nail technician?

The insurance needs of your business won’t change much if you’re self-employed as accidents can still happen regardless of whether you’re working on your own or you have several employees. You’re still working with clients which means you still need protection. The only thing that might change is the level of cover you need.

How much does nail technician insurance cost?

The cost of your policy will vary depending on what types of insurance you have and the level you choose. We also consider things such as your business’ size, the work you do, whether you have employees etc.

Business insurance with AXA costs from £82 a year**, but if you would like to find out exactly how much a policy tailored to your business’ needs would be, you can get a quote. Plus, get a quote online today and you’ll get a 10% discount*** on your policy.

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