Why a change to your details could change your premium

Here’s some examples of why it could change.

Changing your van

If you’re upgrading your old van to a newer model, you’ll probably expect to pay more for your insurance, but that’s not always the case. We calculate our prices based on your driving history, potential repair cost if you had to make a claim, risks to other road users if the new van has a more powerful engine, and how attractive your new van could be to thieves.

Changing your address

Your quote is based on the type of van you drive, your driving history, where it’s kept overnight, what security is fitted to it, and the area you work in.

Here’s some key factors that could change your van insurance if you move home or business address.

  • Number of accidents in the area
  • Amount of traffic using the nearby roads
  • Number of whiplash claims and personal injury claims recorded in the neighbourhood
  • Crime and vandalism reported nearby

If there’s a higher than average number of claims for your postcode, then premiums in this area will likely be higher too.

Changing your drivers

The premium we calculate for your van insurance also considers the drivers you’ve told us about. Things that can affect this are, how many people you want to allow to drive your van, the ages of these drivers, their relationship to you, and how long they’ve held a driving licence for. Sometimes adding an extra driver to your policy won’t actually change your premium by very much at all, but it’s important to make sure that everyone who may need to drive is named on your policy.

Driving licence convictions

Even if you’re a considerate driver, you may receive points on your driving licence for a fixed penalty offence, or perhaps for something more serious. So, it’s important to let us know if you, or any other drivers of your van receive a conviction, or a notice of a potential conviction, both when taking out van insurance or at any during the time you are insured with us. Motoring offences are likely to increase your premium until they become spent, and can be removed from your driving licence.

Customer misrepresentation

It’s important to answer questions honestly so we can judge the risks involved, in other words, underwrite your policy accurately and charge the correct premium. Sadly, some customers answer questions fraudulently to get insurance for less – for example, where they park their van overnight, or what security it’s fitted with. Giving false information means your policy might be declared void, and we wouldn’t pay out on any claims you make. It also impacts on other customers being charged more to cover the costs of investigating invalid policies and paying out on exaggerated claims.


If you need to make a claim, it won’t change the price of your van insurance straightaway, but you may see an increase at renewal, especially if you were at fault. Even if you weren’t to blame, making a claim could put up the price of your insurance at renewal, if the amount that was paid to settle the claim couldn’t be fully recovered from who was responsible. You should always tell your insurer about any damage, accidents, or incidents involving you or your van, even if you don’t intend to make a claim.

Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day for you to make a claim – we’re happy to help.