What is candle maker insurance?

You’re a candlemaker, or a wax melt creator. Mixing up scents and colours, you blend wax and fragrance to create miniature treats to make moments of bliss and serenity in customer’s homes.

You might create energising fragrances for oil-burners or specialise in relaxing blends to help improve sleep. Maybe you use essential oils, herbs and natural beeswax only, or perhaps you favour sparklier, more stylised candle designs with glitter and sweet scents. You might make melts that mimic the scents of designer perfumes or follow your own nose, to devise trademark blends.

Whatever you make, you’re committed to your creations. If you’re selling products to customers, you’re running a business. And that comes with responsibility, and risks. That’s why it’s important to protect it. And that’s where AXA insurance comes in.

Do candle makers need insurance?

You might think being a candlemaker wouldn’t come with a huge amount of risks – but as a business owner, you’re liable for any injury or damage to customers (or their property) caused by what you make.

Say a wax melt you’ve created induces a rash or reaction in a customer, who then makes a claim against you? Or the heavily saturated colours that you use cause staining and damage to a customer’s property, and you haven’t provided a warning label? If you don’t have insurance and you’re found to be liable, you’ll need to foot any bills yourself – from legal bills to any compensation payouts.

Would you be able to manage those costs on your own? With AXA’s buildable business insurance for candlemakers and wax melt businesses, you’ll be able to choose the level of insurance that fits your business best – meaning you only pay for the bits that you need.

How much is candle maker insurance?

There’s no one-size-fits all price you can put on business cover. To protect you properly, business insurance should be bespoke, made to fit the needs of your individual company. The easiest way to find out your price? Get a quote. It won’t take long, simply tell us a few things about your company and we’ll direct you to the cover you need to keep your business safe.

What kind of insurance do I need to sell candles?

Protect against third party injury or damage caused to your customers on your property with public liability insurance and choose product liability insurance to cover the products that you supply.

You can use business equipment insurance to any technology you use to run your business– from computers and laptops to tablets, while contents insurance can cover the wax, fragrance, wicks and glass containers that you use to make your candles – as well as protect the premises that you stock or sell your melts from.

How do I get insurance to sell candles in the UK?

AXA’s business insurance for candlemakers will provide cover for you against injury or damage caused to customers or their property through the things that you make, wherever you are in the UK.

With our contents insurance, you can protect the premises where you store your stock (if you sell mainly online, or within a physical retail space)

When should I get candle insurance?

If you’re selling products – whether online or via craft stalls, fetes or markets – then you’re running a business, and it’s important to protect yourself against any risks or customer claims that arise.

Protecting your business as soon as possible – with AXA’s hassle-free, quick-quote candlemaking and wax making business insurance that starts protecting you immediately – is the best option, to cover yourself in case of any claims or legal costs from your customers.


What cover can I get as a candle maker?

Choose from the cover below and blend the perfect insurance for your business.

Public liability insurance

Cover against third-party injury or damage caused as a result of the products that you provide.

Find out more about public liability insurance

Contents insurance

Cover for the wax, herbs, wicks, containers and other materials you use to make candles and melts. You can also add goods in transit cover, which will protect your products as they’re delivered to customers.

Find out more

Business equipment cover

Protect your devices and technology that you use to drive your business – from tablets to mobiles and laptops – wherever you travel to tin the UK.

Find out more

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