Café and coffee shops

Protect your café or coffee shop with AXA’s business insurance

You run your own café, and you’re living your dream.

You’re the boss barista. Whether you’re pouring tea or coffee, you work hard to create a beautiful space where people meet for a moment of peace and a treat.

Whether you’re a greasy spoon with a fine line in bacon butties or an independent that specialises in oat-milk flat whites and fancy focaccia…whatever you’re serving up - it’s something you’re passionate about, and something worth protecting.

Why do I need insurance for my café business?

No matter how careful you are, accidents happen—and that could mean hefty compensation claims can occur too. Every visitor and employee to your place is your responsibility. And if anyone suffers injury because of being in your café, the responsibility lies with you. Take it out

What if a window is smashed or your dishwasher floods? Contents cover and building insurance can help you in case of any disasters. Because if you’re not properly covered, then paying out on compensation claims could be a huge blow to your budget – as well as jeopardising the future of your business.

What insurance do I need for my café?

Your business is unique, so your cover should be too.

Pick and choose from a range of tailorable options to create the perfect blend of café insurance.

While most cafés and bistros need public liability and employers’ liability to safeguard against injury of customers and employers, you can select optional extras to keep your coffee or tea-house safe.

If your freezer breaks down, deterioration of stock insurance will keep you covered for losses – whilst contents insurance cover safeguards your cash register and money (float). As for the specialist coffee machine from Italy or any precious tools of the trade, our contents cover will protect your precious things.

What type of cafes and coffee shops do we cover?

Whatever’s on the menu at your place, it’s likely we’ll be able to offer you some protection.

AXA’s business insurance for cafes and coffee shops can cover premises of up to 40 covers (with limited levels of deep fat frying)

  • Sandwich shops
  • Soup and sandwich bars
  • Tearooms
  • Bistros


Why choose to insure your ice cream parlour?

Even though you’re selling ice-cream, you’re still in danger of an accident or emergency occurring on your premises. What if an ice-cream you’ve made causes a reaction in a customer with an allergy or intolerance, and they decide to make a claim against you? Or a customer slips while leaving your shop, and injures themselves badly?

If you don’t have business insurance, you’d be forced to pay fees out of your own pocket.

With insurance, you’d be protected in case of these eventualities – and we’d be able to support you to pay any compensation or legal fees if you needed to.

Do you need ice cream parlour insurance?

If you’re running an ice-cream parlour, you’re running a business. And it’s important to protect it.

With a premises like a sweet shop or parlour, you’d do well to invest in public liability insurance. It’ll cover you in case of injury to one of the customers visiting your shop. And if you have any staff, part-time or otherwise, you’re legally obliged to have employers’ liability insurance for them.

Contents insurance can help cover your storefront, equipment and furniture in case of any damage caused – with window replacement service and a 24/7 advice line if you need any support.

How much is ice cream parlour shop insurance?

To protect your business properly, insurance should be bespoke to your business needs. The quickest way to find out the price of your insurance? Get a quote. It only takes a few minutes, and we’ll be able to list the cover that you need.


What types of cover can I choose from?

Build your own bundle of insurance to fit your specific needs. That way, you only ever pay for what’s right for you and nothing more. Tailor your cover by picking and choosing from:

Public liability insurance

You’re responsible for the welfare of every customer or visitor. Public liability insurance keeps you covered for up to £5 million if a member of the public is accidentally injured or their property gets damaged while dealing with your business.

Employers’ liability insurance

If you have employees, contractors, casual workers or temporary staff, it’s a legal requirement for you to take out employers’ liability insurance. It covers you for up to £10 million for any claims from staff may become unwell or suffer an injury as a result of working for you.

Contents cover

Contents cover up to £250,000 can help you replace the contents of your shop, like tables and chairs, glasses and cutlery and employees’ personal belongings, if they’re damaged, lost or stolen. Contents insurance also protects your cash, whether it’s at your premises, your home, or on the way to the bank.

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