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What is a café?

Whether you’re serving up a delicious lunchtime treat or a reliable favourite for that perfect morning cuppa, cafés are a great place for customers to get a moment of peace and a tasty treat.

Most cafés are small, local businesses that cater to locals with light bites for breakfast and lunch as well as a range of coffees, teas, and other hot beverages. 

What’s the different between a café and a coffee shop?

The main difference between cafés and coffee shops is in the products they sell. Coffee shops tend to specialise mostly in coffee and other hot drinks, as well as sweet treats such as pastries and cakes.

While cafés do often sell both hot drinks and sweet treats, they also tend to also offer a variety of freshly cooked meals suited to breakfast and lunch crowds.

What is business insurance for cafés?

Business insurance is there to protect your café when an accident happens. If something goes wrong in your business, you’re responsible. So, whether that’s a s lip, trip or fall, and undercooked bacon butty or a too-hot latte – business insurance is there to help.

Without business insurance, your business is solely responsible for the financial fallout of a claim. However, with the right covers in place we’ve got your back if the worst should happen.

Why do I need insurance for my café?

No matter how careful you are, accidents happen - and that could mean hefty compensation claims can occur too. Every visitor to your café or employee that you have is your responsibility. And if anyone suffers injury because of being in your café, the responsibility lies with you.

What if a window gets smashed or your dishwasher floods? Or if someone gets ill after eating something you’ve made for them? If you’re not properly covered, then paying out on compensation claims could be a huge blow to your business and your livelihood and could jeopardise the future of your business with negative consequences such as:

  • The costs of any claims
  • Downtime or closure due to damaged equipment or premises
  • Loss of trust from customers
  • Damaged reputation


What types of cover can I choose from?

Build your own bundle of insurance to fit your specific needs. That way, you only ever pay for what’s right for you and nothing more. Tailor your cover by picking and choosing from:

Public liability insurance

You’re going to have people coming and going from your café all day long, and as a business owner you are responsible for those customers wellbeing when they’re in your café.

Whether its slips and trips, a bad reaction to a meal or a burn from a too-hot latte, we’ve got your back. Our public liability insurance covers you for up to £5 million if someone gets accidentally injured in your café, or thanks to one of your products.

Employers’ liability insurance

The right people are what keeps any business on its feet. So, it’s important that if you take on employees you get employers’ liability insurance.

This covers anyone who works for you – whether that’s full time, part time, volunteer, or trainee. If someone works for you, they’ll need to be covered. We’ll cover you with £10 million protection and up to 50 days' free cover for temporary workers. 

Contents cover

With contents cover of up to £250,000, AXA can help you protect the contents of your business – such as tables and chairs, plates, cutlery and more from theft, loss, or damage. This cover can also protect your cash, whether that’s at your business, at home or on the way to the bank.

How much will my insurance cost?

To find out how much your policy will cost you can get a quote online in a matter of minutes. By buying online you’ll also get a 10%* discount.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is insurance a legal requirement for cafés?

No, business insurance is not a legal requirement unless you have people who work for you. If you do, then you are legal required to have employers’ liability insurance.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that if you don’t have insurance and someone buys one of your products and gets ill, or someone visits your cafe is injured, you will be solely responsible for paying out any claims or settlements if you don’t have business insurance.

What type of café does AXA cover?

Whatever’s on the menu at your place, it’s likely we’ll be able to offer you some protection.

AXA’s business insurance for cafes and coffee shops can cover premises of up to 40 covers (with limited levels of deep fat frying)

  • Sandwich shops
  • Soup and sandwich bars
  • Tearooms
  • Bistros


Does café insurance cover use of fryers??

Whatever’s on the menu at your place, it’s likely we’ll be able to offer you some protection.

AXA’s business insurance for cafes and coffee shops can cover premises of up to 40 covers (with limited levels of deep fat frying)

  • Deep fat fryers must be fitted with a thermostat calibrated at 205°C
  • Flash or wok frying is not permitted
  • Cooking equipment must never be left unattended when in use.
  • Equipment must be cleaned every 7 days

For a full list of conditions and to see if you’re business meets our criteria, make sure to look at the policy wording or get in youth with our team top find out more.

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