Home insurance policies

Modern living room with glass table, white sofa and television
The complete guide to personal possessions cover

Home insurance policies

25 August 2021

Your contents insurance will keep your valuables safe in the home, but what cover do you need while you’re on the move?

How to make a video claim

Home insurance policies

24 August 2021

AXA is here to make claiming easier than ever. Our guide will show you how we can use a video call to assess your claim.

Save time claiming
Four ways to save time when claiming on your home insurance

Home insurance policies

25 June 2021

If something goes wrong in your home, there's no time to spare. So here's AXA's tips for saving time when claiming on your home insurance.

Modern living room with glass table, white sofa and television
Contents insurance calculator

Home insurance policies

30 March 2021

Calculate the value of your contents so you know the amount of household goods cover you need when getting a home insurance quote.

Home Xmas
Festive FAQ-buster: AXA Home Insurance

Home insurance policies

7 December 2020

Festive frolics and expensive presents can be the recipe for a Christmas disaster. Learn how our Home Insurance can give you the cover you need.

Water damage after flooding in house with furniture floating
Weather advice: UK Flooding

Home insurance policies

20 February 2019

Guidance for AXA home insurance customers on what to do if you're being affected by floods in the UK.

Flooded living room
Flood Re

Home insurance policies

18 February 2019

All you need to know about Flood Re, why it's important, who's eligible for it and what you can do if you live in a flood risk area.

Flooded residential street in York, 2015
Flooding advice

Home insurance policies

22 January 2018

Our advice on flooding, including what measures you can take to protect your property and what to do next if it becomes damaged.