Landlord advice

How much would tenants expect to pay?

Landlord Advice

17 January 2018

Can understanding tenant attitudes help increase rental income? AXA surveyed 1000 renters to find out what they would pay more for in a sample property.

A Guide For New Landlords

Landlord Advice

23 November 2017

Being a new landlord comes with some serious responsibility. Learn about some of the key considerations and legal requirements in AXA’s helpful guide.

How to get more tenants to view your property

Landlord Advice

29 September 2017

Finding the right tenants starts with getting them through the door. So here are AXA's tips for making sure your property is ready for tenant viewings.

Buy to Let mortgages and peer to peer lending explored

Landlord Advice

14 August 2017

In an uncertain market, how do you finance a buy to let property? AXA explores new peer to peer lending finance options for landlords.

Landlords: dos & don'ts for showing off your rental

Landlord Advice

18 July 2017

First impressions count, particularly for landlords. Use the sliders to reveal AXA's dos and don’ts for showing off your rental property.

How landlords can avoid bad tenants

Landlord Advice

16 June 2017

As a landlord, you want to make sure that anyone living in your property is above board. Here's AXA's tips for avoiding so-called 'rogue tenants'.

Becoming a landlord: what are my rights?

Landlord Advice

2 June 2017

From rent to right to enter, do you know your rights as a landlord? Here's AXA's summary of some of your rights as a new landlord.

New tax year, big buy-to-let tax changes

Landlord Advice

3 May 2017

From 6 April, how landlords calculate their income tax is beginning to change. Here, AXA runs down what’s changing this new tax year for landlords.

Ensuring your tenants have the right to rent

Landlord Advice

7 April 2017

New rules mean landlords will have to perform checks on prospective tenants. Here, AXA explains Right to Rent and how it affects you as a landlord.