Guide to contracts
Common business contract types explained

Finance and legal

6 March 2020

Confused about contracts? Read AXA’s guide to learn more about the types of business contracts you’ll come across if you run a small business in the UK.

The P11D for small businesses explained

Finance and legal

24 January 2020

Stay on form and learn what small businesses should know about the P11D tax form

Allowable Expenses for the Self-Employed

Finance and legal

21 January 2020

You can claim back business expenses when you're self-employed. Find out how.

What businesses should know about breach of confidentiality

Finance and legal

20 January 2020

Did you know that even a tiny breach of confidentiality could pose a big legal risk to your business? Get protected with our need-to-know guide to keeping data safe.

Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Rights for SMEs

Finance and legal

14 January 2020

Get clued up on what small businesses need to know about intellectual property rights.

Jump through hoops
A guide to business licences

Finance and legal

11 December 2019

Baffled by business licences? Follow AXA's guide to learn how business licences keep your business activities legal.

How to value a business
How to value your small business: a guide

Finance and legal

20 August 2019

Whether you’re considering selling up or are just curious to see the financial fruits of your labour, here’s AXA’s guide to how to value your business.

How to fill out a Self-Assessment tax return
Self-Assessment tax returns explained

Finance and legal

23 April 2019

From what they are to how to fill them out, we’ve got your Self-Assessment needs sorted

Accounting software
Accounting software to make running a business simpler

Finance and legal

18 April 2019

Keep your business’ books balanced with AXA’s guide to accounting software

Sole trader v limited company
Sole trader or limited company?

Finance and legal

9 April 2019

What’s the difference between operating as a sole trader or limited company?

Small business rates relief: the facts

Finance and legal

29 August 2018

Find out how small business rate relief could benefit your business.

New tax year 2018: what’s changing?

Finance and legal

3 April 2018

Another new tax year means another wave of changes for your small business

Finance Resource
Entrepreneurs Recommend: Finance Resources

Finance and legal

17 October 2017

How do successful entrepreneurs keep on top of finance and admin? AXA asked entrepreneurs to recommend the top fintech apps to help their finances.

Allowable expenses: what are they?

Finance and legal

28 March 2017

Do you know what your small business is allowed to claim as expenses?

Pros and cons of accounting outsouring

Finance and legal

28 March 2017

Accounting can be a trying part of running a business - is it time to outsource?

Five new tax year resolutions

Finance and legal

28 March 2017

A new tax year is always a tough time for businesses, but it doesn't have to be

Business rates: what you need to know

Finance and legal

13 March 2017

With business rates changing, we take a look at what it might mean for you

Small Business Funding

Finance and legal

9 August 2016

It’s time to look beyond the bank for funding for your SME.