Ghoulishly good tricks to help protect your home

Our tricks could work a treat in protecting you and your property against things that go bump in the night.

Home safety

24 October 2022

With the creepiest night of the year just around the corner, hordes of zombies, vampires, ghosts and other monsters will most likely be descending upon your street ready to show off their best tricks for treats.

And while the spirit of mischief will all be in the name of good fun for the most part, for others it acts as a perfect opportunity to get up to no good, which could potentially cause damage to your property.

So whether you’re donning your most blood-curdling costume or settling down to a scary movie night on – or behind – the sofa, here are our top tips on how to safeguard you and your home and help you avoid the horrors of any home repair nightmares.

Prioritise pumpkin placement

After spending hours carefully carving your most scream-inducing pumpkin, it makes sense that you’ll want to position it where it’ll have maximum fear factor. However, make sure not to place candles or pumpkin lights near anything flammable – such as costumes or decorations – as they can catch alight in just a few seconds. Why not consider using battery-powered candles instead for the same spooky effect?

Get green fingered

If you have trees or bushes obstructing your doors or windows, these could be ideal hiding places for undesirables looking to break into your home. Why not consider trimming these areas back to prevent opportunistic thieves from taking advantage of these potential hideaways?

Let there be light

With the nights becoming darker and darker, keeping your home well-lit could act as a deterrent to would-be thieves. Opt for creepily carved pumpkins or security lights to keep your property properly illuminated and raise your chances of shining a spotlight on any suspicious activity.

Out of sight, out of mind

Regardless if you’re going out guising or settling down to a night in in front of your favourite scary film, always make sure you tidy your valuables away out of plain sight of passers-by. Try to secure all your potted plants and garden ornaments inside your house or shed and ensure that you don’t leave your car keys by the front door – especially if you’re the owner of a keyless entry car.

Park up

If your car is going to be out of action for the night as you take to haunting the streets with your little monsters, it could be worthwhile leaving your car in your garage overnight to protect it from being damaged by any passing pranksters.

Lock your house down

Be extra vigilant when setting your home alarm systems and carry out checks to pinpoint the condition of your window frames and replace if necessary. Spend some extra time double-checking that all windows, doors, sheds and outhouses are locked and secured properly before heading out trick-or-treating.

Drive with caution

Keep an eye on your speed when driving in residential areas as costumed kids could unexpectedly run onto the road leading to a nasty accident. Remain extra vigilant when driving on Halloween night and pay close attention to all speed limits and obstacles.

Be vigilant

It’s easy to get caught up in the spirit of the spookiest night of the year as costumed kids come to your door to show off their most blood-curdling costumes. However, it’s important to always remain vigilant when opening your door to revellers because, although most people are out to have fun, some might see this as an opportunity for mischievous purposes. If you get an uneasy feeling about the person approaching your door, trust your gut and don’t open it.

Head-to-toe costume safety

When buying your child’s costume, always check the label to ensure it’s flame resistant – meaning it should resist burning and extinguish quickly. Similarly, if you’ve decided to flex your hauntingly impressive homemade costume-making skills, consider using flame-resistant fabrics such as nylon or polyester. For further information on Halloween costume safety, check out the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accident’s tips.

From pumpkin carving, apple dunking and hordes of sweeties, to dressing up, trick or treating and watching scary films, Halloween is all about having frightfully good fun with your friends and family. Keep the above tips in mind when conjuring up your own plans this All Hallows’ Eve to help everyone have a spooktacular (and safe) time.

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