Keeping your home safe at Christmas

Home safety

7 December 2023

As we get into the festive spirit, it's important to remember to keep our home safe over Christmas. From the twinkly lights on our trees to setting the mood with candles, or even cooking the turkey, follow our simple guide to avoid any yuletide mishaps this festive season. And if you’re already an AXA Home Insurance customer, check out our Festive FAQ Buster to see how we’ll protect your home this Christmas.

In this guide:

  1. Take care on social media
  2. Blow out those candles
  3. Check Christmas lights
  4. Keep decorations child-friendly
  5. Avoid a kitchen catastrophe
  6. Keep presents out of sight

Take care on social media

Social media can be a great place to keep track of memorable moments, or even boast about that great Christmas getaway you’ve booked. However, avoid telling your followers when you’ll be out of your house, especially for long periods of time - as, you could become the perfect target for burglars.

Blow out those candles

Candles are the perfect way to set the festive mood in our homes, with their glow filling the room with warmth. But, it’s important to remember that candles can be dangerous if you’re not paying attention. Make sure you blow out any candles when you’re not in the room and place them on a stable, even surface so they don’t tip over and cause a fire.

Check Christmas lights

Christmas lights are a staple in festive décor - we put them on our trees, wrap them around our bannisters and hang them on our walls. However, Christmas lights can be a hazard if not used safely. Here are some checks you should do before hanging up your twinkles:

Check for any damage to the wire

If the wire of the light is damaged, you could be at risk of electrocution if the damage area is handled, or the start of an electrical fire. Check the wires before plugging the lights into an outlet or, if battery operated, inserting the batteries into the pack.

Remove and dispose of damaged bulbs

Sometimes damage can happen while our Christmas lights are in storage, which means the bulbs may crack or break. Before providing the lights with power, check each bulb to make sure it’s in good condition.

Turn them off!

If the lights have been turned on for a long time or you’re not in the room to supervise, turn off your lights. They can get hot and cause a fire.

Keep decorations child-friendly

If you have young children, the excitement of Christmas can sometimes lead to curious hands exploring the sparkly, bright decorations. Keep any sharp or small decorations out of reach of young children, and always keep an eye on children around the tree.

Avoid a kitchen catastrophe

The heart of many festive celebrations is the Christmas dinner, and with turkey, potatoes, Brussels sprouts and more populating our plates - the kitchen will be put to good use on the day. Keep an eye on any food while cooking and don’t leave your oven or stove on unattended to avoid potential fires. You don’t want to cook your entire oven set rather than just the turkey crown!

Keep presents out of sight

Presents might look pretty under the tree, but you don’t want to give burglars incentive to break into your home. So, store your gifts away from any front facing windows, to make sure they can’t be seen by anyone who may be looking in.

As you get yourself in the swing of the Christmas season, make sure you and your family stay safe with our handy tips for a happy holiday season. For some extra peace of mind, why not get a quote from AXA Home Insurance? It’s quick and easy!