1 The average arrival time is based on a 12-month rolling basis, as at September 2019.

2 Based on a combined score of 4.18 for Time to Scene and 4,53 for Roadside Experience from the AXA customer satisfaction survey, during the previous 12 months to September 2019.

3 Currently available for customers who have Nationwide & Homestart and European cover only.

Breakdown Insurance from AXA

Breakdown insurance is the cover you need to get you back on the road after an incident or should you break down.

Choose AXA for breakdown insurance to stay protected while you’re on the move – giving you peace of mind.

Want to get back on the road quickly after the unexpected puts the brakes on your plans? With an average rescue arrival time of less than 50 minutes1, and a customer satisfaction score of 4.35/5 2, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best breakdown cover we can provide.

Roadside assistance comes as standard with Breakdown insurance from AXA, as does access to our new, free, online breakdown recovery tool, e-Rescue.3 We can even lend a helping hand if you lose your keys or add the wrong fuel by mistake.


Broken down?

Give us a call on 0800 197 1121 or visit www.e-Rescue.co.uk. Make sure you’ve got your name, home postcode and your policy number. You’ll also need your vehicle registration number – as well as the make, model and colour. We’ll ask you to tell us your current location and what you think the problem is with your vehicle.

Lines open: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

What will I get with AXA’s breakdown insurance?

We offer four levels of breakdown cover to suit your individual needs. You can purchase it as a standalone product, or as an add-on when you buy your car insurance with AXA.

AXA Local

If your vehicle breaks down more than one-mile from your home, we’ll provide roadside assistance to repair it at the roadside. Can’t be repaired? We can take you and up to six passengers to a destination within a 20-mile radius.

  • Recovery within 20 miles of the scene
  • Includes any caravan or trailer, if attached to the vehicle at the time of breaking down
  • Mis-fuelling cover

AXA Nationwide

Get all the benefits of AXA Local and more. If your vehicle can’t be repaired the same day, we’ll arrange for you and up to six passengers to be taken to your home or your original destination. Alternatively, overnight accommodation or a hire vehicle will be provided.

  • Nationwide recovery
  • Includes any caravan or trailer, if attached to the vehicle at the time of breaking down
  • Hire vehicle or overnight accommodation
  • Mis-fuelling cover

AXA Nationwide and Homestart

Our most extensive UK cover includes all the benefits of AXA Local and AXA Nationwide, plus assistance at your home address or within a mile of your home. Vehicle broken down? We’ll arrange for it to be repaired at your home, by the roadside or taken to a local garage.

  • Home assistance
  • Nationwide recovery
  • Including any caravan or trailer, if attached to the vehicle at the time of breaking down
  • Hire vehicle or overnight accommodation
  • Mis-fuelling cover

AXA Annual European

Travelling in Europe? This will keep you safe when you’re driving. You’ll get full AXA Nationwide and Homestart cover as above, as well as recovery in almost 50 European countries.

We will arrange and pay for your vehicle, the driver and up to six passengers to be taken to a local garage (normally within 10 miles) for it to be repaired. We will also look at alternative options, if required, such as accommodation and/or alternative transportation, or the repatriation of the vehicle and its passengers.

Frequently asked questions: breakdown cover

Want to contact loved ones about your breakdown, but ran out of battery on your phone?

We can send up to two messages to let them know your situation, free of charge.

Does my policy cover any car or van?

When selecting your insurance, choose either:

  • Vehicle cover for a specific vehicle listed on the policy schedule
  • Personal cover, so that the policyholder named on the policy schedule is covered in any vehicle that they are insured to drive (terms and conditions apply).

How quickly will you come back to me if I breakdown?

We aim to have someone with you in less than 50 minutes if you break down in the UK.

If you’re in mainland Europe this can vary, depending on your location, and the opening hours of garages in the country that you have broken down.

What will happen if you can’t repair my vehicle if I have broken down abroad?

We will recover you and up to six passengers to a local garage for repairs.

Alternative options of assistance may be offered, to ensure you’re inconvenienced as little as possible, should repairs take some time or you need to return to the UK.

Terms and conditions apply. Please see the policy wording for full details.