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Driving in Europe after Brexit

Driving abroad

24 February 2021

There’s no better way to see Europe than by car. Travel safely post-Brexit with our guide to EU road rules and help keep your road trip stress-free.

How often should I service my car?

Car maintenance

9 September 2021

We want to keep you on the road for many miles of safe, happy motoring. Check out our guide to help you understand how often you should service your car.

What is E10 fuel - and does it affect my insurance?

Car maintenance

31 August 2021

With E10 fuel due to hit the forecourts in September, we've put together a quick guide to explain what it is and whether it affects your insurance policy.

Man holding catalytic converter
What is a catalytic converter?

Car maintenance

24 August 2021

What is a catalytic converter in a car? What does it do? Read our handy guide for information on different types of catalytic converters, repairs and protection from theft.

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Does having a named driver affect my insurance?

Car insurance policies

16 March 2021

You may be wondering, does having a named driver affect my insurance? What is insurance fronting? Read our guide for information about named drivers, insurance costs, policy coverage and more.

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Annual mileage calculator

Motoring advice

15 March 2021

Want to get an idea of how many miles your car does every year? Use our mileage calculator and find out today.

Car and key fob
A guide to immobilisers

Car security

25 January 2021

An engine immobiliser allows your car to start only when the correct key or fob is used, protecting it against thieves.

Car battery
Charging your car battery with a trickle charger

Car maintenance

19 January 2021

Charging a car battery is usually straightforward. Read our guide to charging yours safely and efficiently.

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The great winter tyre debate

Driving in hazardous conditions

18 January 2021

Discover the pros, cons and cost of using winter tyres during the colder months, and whether you even need them at all.

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How to check a car’s history

Buying a car

30 November 2020

On the lookout for your next car? You might want to think about checking the car’s history before you part with your cash. Find out how.