Motoring tips and guides

Two young women and a man stood by side of a silver car
The dos and don’ts of summer driving

Driving in hazardous conditions

17 January 2019

From glare to high temperatures, summer driving comes with its own set of challenges. Here’s AXA’s dos and don’ts of driving in the warmer months.

Young couple in car
The no-fuss guide to no claims discount

Car insurance policies

13 November 2018

A no claims discount can save safer drivers money on insurance – but how does no claims work? AXA explains the need-to-knows about the no claims discount.

Driving licence
Get in gear: how to update your driving licence details and avoid fines

Motoring advice

6 November 2018

Looking to update your driving licence details but not sure where to begin? Get in gear with AXA’s guide to get a steer in the right direction.

Back of a car
New 2018/2019 number plates: what you need to know

Motoring advice

6 November 2018

Did you know that opting for a pre-registered car could save you money? Get up to speed with AXA’s tips before purchasing a new set of wheels.

Car key
Relay theft: key ways to protect your car from being hacked and lock thieves out

Car security

1 November 2018

With relay theft numbers rising in the UK, AXA offers key tips that could help increase the security of your vehicle and keep thieves locked out.

Car in snow
Tips for driving in snow, ice and hail

Driving in hazardous conditions

20 September 2018

Advice on driving in snow, ice and hail to help you stay safe on the roads this winter.

Woman and child
5 countries where you must drive on the left

Driving abroad

20 September 2018

Looking for a holiday destination with a view to hire a car and drive on the left? View holiday destinations that drive on the left

Car dashboard lights
Seven causes of summer car breakdown and how to solve them

Car maintenance

27 July 2018

From low oil pressure to soft tyres, summer can exacerbate underlying car issues. Here are some common problems to look out for and how you can resolve them.

Woman driving convertible car on Tuscan country road
Highway to holiday: how to take a summer road trip

Driving abroad

15 May 2018

Whether exploring childhood haunts or roads less travelled, there's something special about summer driving holidays. Stay safe, home or away, with AXA.