Why you should get your windscreen chip repaired

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27 October 2023

We’ve all been there: you’re driving along, then suddenly some debris on the road flies up and hits your windscreen. Sometimes there won’t be any trace of the rogue debris – other times, you’ll find a chip in your windscreen.

What to do next? Fix the windscreen chip, or ignore it and hope it doesn’t get any worse?

Ignoring a windscreen chip will only result in more time consuming, costlier, and environmentally damaging consequences. Here’s why you should get a windscreen chip repaired as soon as possible. In this section:

Repairing a chipped windscreen is quicker than replacing it

If a chipped windscreen is ignored, the chip will eventually turn into a crack; according to a survey conducted with Autoglass® customers, 70% of chips will turn into a crack within one month of them appearing.

Replacing your windscreen after a crack could take around 2 hours and you may need to take your vehicle to a repair centre.

Getting a windscreen chip repaired is easier and faster; the chip repair process only takes around 30 minutes and can usually be done on your driveway or place of work, so there’s no need to travel anywhere to have it fixed.

Repairing a chipped windscreen is cheaper than replacing it

Not only does a windscreen replacement take longer than repairing a chip, but it can also be a heavier hit to your wallet. Autoglass® reports that it can cost up to 6 times more to replace your car’s windscreen than to get a chip repaired, due to the cost of parts and labour. You may also pay a higher excess to replace the windscreen rather than repairing it, due to the higher cost of parts and labour.

If your car is a company vehicle, or you need it for business-related activities, a cracked windscreen will mean you can’t drive the car until its fixed, which can affect your ability to travel for work purposes. Don’t miss out on work commitments and get that chip repaired before a crack forms and takes you off the road completely!

Repairing a chipped windscreen is better for the environment than replacing it

As your car’s windscreen accounts for around 30% of the vehicle’s overall structural integrity, it’s important to get any windscreen chips fixed as soon as possible.

If you repair the windscreen chip before it develops into a crack, the materials used for the repair are reduced, carbon emissions are reduced in the part production and transportation of the replacement windscreen. And you’ll avoid waste production through the removal of the old windscreen.

Getting your windscreen chip repaired as soon as possible can save you time, money, and the environment. Autoglass®, AXA’s approved supplier, offers a lifetime guarantee on all repairs for as long as you own the vehicle, so get in touch to arrange your windscreen repair as soon as possible.

If you want to find out more about how AXA can protect you from any future windscreen damage, check out the AXA Help Hub.

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