How we’re tackling climate change

As part of our mission to help people live better lives, we’re fully committed to the global effort to limit climate change. We’ve set ourselves ambitious targets. We’re campaigning to create a better society. We’re funding research to inform scientific decision-making. And, most importantly, we’re acting now.

Our commitment

When it comes to the fight against climate change, we all have a role to play. That’s why we’re reducing the environmental impact of our business.

AXA supported the launch of the United Nations Net Zero Asset Owner Alliance, pledging to reduce the carbon emissions of our investment portfolio to net-zero by 2050. But we believe we can do more. AXA has also launched a new Net-Zero Insurance Alliance with some of the world’s largest insurers to accelerate the transition to a net-zero economy. In the UK, we’re supportive of AXA’s climate change strategy to drive change:

Committing to align our investments with the Paris Agreement and to achieve a


warming potential by 2050

Doubling our green and clean investment target from €12bn in 2020 to


by 2023

Responsible investments

Phasing out coal by 2030

AXA is divesting funds away from and stopping support to carbon intensive industries. AXA will exit the coal industry by 2030 in Europe and OECD countries, and worldwide by 2040.

AXA’s Transition Bonds

AXA has launched the first-of-a-kind ‘transition bond’ in partnership with Crédit Agricole CIB. AXA will finance a €100million bond in a private placement where the proceeds will be used to refinance existing commercial loans made by Crédit Agricole CIB. This new type of bonds aims to support companies that want to move towards more sustainable and less-carbon intensive development models.


Our campaigns are designed to help improve understanding of climate change among the public, businesses and world leaders. That way, we can help influence and inspire positive change.

Driverless vehicles

Autonomous vehicles will improve our lives by making our roads safer, increase mobility for those who can’t drive, and lower premiums. And, they can drive us towards a better environment by reducing congestion and CO2 emissions could fall by as much as 300 million tonnes each year.


Through the AXA Research Fund, we support scientific research projects related to environmental resilience, biodiversity and protecting natural habitats.

graphic earth

Protect our planet

The AXA Research Fund has supported 665 research projects across 38 countries to help contribute to a better world. Take a look at some of the initiatives below.

Mountains are important for human society

As cities grow and the climate changes, new 21st century risks emerge

Half of our beaches to disappear by 2100

We protect what matters, including our planet. We contribute to a healthier, inclusive and sustainable future for us all.


We want to create a future where everyone wants to live. So, we’re acting now to tackle climate change and build a better tomorrow.

We want to do business in a way that’s good for people and good for the environment. That’s why we’ve removed millions of pieces of single use plastic from our supply chain and we’re sourcing energy from renewable sources, recycling what we can, and disposing of waste responsibly.

100% of energy is from renewable sources – backed by RE100

100% of office waste is diverted away from landfill

We generate onsite energy with solar panels at two key office locations

We donate our surplus office furniture to charities. Saving carbon, waste and supporting charities in need.

To ensure a more just and sustainable future for all, AXA is incorporating sustainability practices across our operations and with our supply chain. By promoting a strong focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues we are making progress against the AXA Group target to achieve carbon neutrality and reduce emissions by 20% by 2025. But there is still more to do to continue to make a positive change.


Doing good for the environment is also something we know our customers look for through their insurance products. That’s why we’re helping our customers make climate friendly choices.

We’ll plant a tree if you chose not to take a courtesy car if your vehicle is damaged and has been taken away for repairs.

And where your vehicle needs replacement parts, we work with our repair suppliers to replace these with green or recycled parts.

Our buildings cover includes fixtures and fittings and the following if they form part of the property, fixed solar heating systems, fixed wind turbines, air and ground source heat pumps and electric vehicle charging points.

If you make a claim and need a replacement appliance, we’ll look to replace it with an equivalent Energy rating A appliance.

If your property is severely damaged and needs demolition and rebuilding, we work with our customers to rebuild in line with sustainable home building practises, as described by the government.

Helping businesses thrive

As a leading global insurer, we’re uniquely positioned to help businesses understand the risks of climate change, and the many benefits of taking action to slow it down.

Take your seat at the AXA Climate School

With 76% of employees ready to act on climate change at work, it provides employers with a unique opportunity to drive sustainable transformation. The AXA Climate School provides employers and employees with tools, guides and interactive quizzes to understand and act on climate change. Discover the epic story of planet earth, shocking science statistics and the impact of global changes on humankind, society and economies.