Looking forwards, backwards and sideways: why AXA supports driverless car research.

Find out how driverless cars will make roads safer


3 September 2017

At AXA, we’re committed to finding and developing ways to make our roads safer.

Which is why, at present, we’re committed towards eliminating the cause of over 90% of road traffic accidents1: driver error.

And, as dramatic as this sounds, the way to achieve this is by removing the driver from the driving seat.

We believe that driverless cars will greatly reduce the numbers of accidents and deaths on the roads, since technology doesn’t have the limitations or lapses in concentration which humans do.

Even with wing mirrors and a rear-view mirror, we can’t watch all around us all of the time to anticipate sudden obstacles or dangers.

And as intelligent as we like to believe we humans are, we certainly can’t respond with the speed or accuracy of a computer processor.

“We're looking at the potential of savings thousands of lives with the increased use of this technology.”
Daniel O’Byrne, Head of External Communications, AXA UK

Take a look at our short film to find out more about why we’re helping to push forward this world-changing and life-saving technology.

1World Health Observatory: Number of road traffic deaths

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