Woman taking a coffee break on a park bench
Helping minds flourish


25 January 2022

Discover the state of mental health across the UK and how it compares to Europe and Asia with the AXA Mind Health Study.

Supporting local causes to better protect our planet


13 January 2022

We understand the risks of a changing climate. To help us all live more sustainably, we’re donating £56,000 to 28 great local causes who are fighting climate change and promoting biodiversity.

Two hands meeting to form a heart shape
Helping local communities


21 May 2020

We’ve donated £72,000 to 36 great causes helping the most vulnerable members of society.

A person holding a card that reads, "Working to become dementia friendly 2018 to 2019
A Dementia Friendly community


7 January 2019

Meet the community that’s set up to help people with dementia.

Helping defeat dementia


2 February 2018

Find out how AXA has been helping Alzheimer’s Research UK to help defeat the disease.

Working with the Woodland Trust


25 January 2018

Find out how AXA staff are supporting the Woodland Trust

Tireless fundraising


24 January 2018

Read about how we’ve been supporting two charities help to make people’s lives better.

Ageing society
Caring for the carers


23 October 2017

Our ageing population is a major issue facing society. Employers need to recognise this and do more to support their employees caring for others, discover how.