Trust is no small thing – it’s hard to earn and easy to lose. We get that – and we don’t take your trust in us for granted. So we’re always fair and clear with you. In fact, we’ve got a programme dedicated to just that. It’s the Trust and Transparency Programme. We use it to remind you of your previous year’s premium – so you can make the right choice, for you.


We’re all about protecting you from the unexpected. And that means more than simply looking after your possessions, although that’s important We think bigger than that. So we actively, and passionately, protect the world we share, in every way we can. We do this by reducing the environmental impact of our business, but also by creating products and services that reward environmental responsibility, worldwide.


Community is about more than sharing a location, it’s about contributing. We get that. And we strive to make a positive difference in all of the communities we operate in. So you’ll see us volunteering and fundraising locally, as well as globally. But we don’t stop there. We also contribute to over 500 projects in the worldwide research community – because we want to make all of our lives better, in the long term.


Our people make AXA tick – they’re the driving force of our business. Of course, we’re committed to diversity and equality, but we’re also dedicated to empowering them to develop professionally, as well as personally. So we’re big on mentorship programmes and community volunteering initiatives - because together we can make a bigger difference.