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We protect what matters, including our planet. To help understand and address the most important issues facing our world, AXA supports independent academic researchers through the AXA Research Fund. 




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Science is more essential than ever

Our societies are constantly faced with evolving complex challenges. Amidst energy shortages, climate change, spreading diseases, new risks from emerging technology, and socio-economic issues, science plays a crucial role in helping us to understand current concerns and how we can act to create a better tomorrow.

€26.4m committed to support 147 research projects in the UK since 2008

We’re currently supporting outstanding researchers who are actively engaged with a wide range of topics in the areas of Environment, Health, Socio-Economics and Technology.

How can we inspire people, local governments and communities to create more inclusive and sustainable societies?

What are the health effects of being exposed to airborne microplastics for those who work in the recycling chain?

As the global temperature rises and air pollution increases – how could it impact your health?

How to reduce the cost of healthcare, improve availability, and increase the well-being of people with AI

Masterclass by AXA-supported scientists on societal concerns

How can science help us address main challenges related to climate, health, and society? 

Hear from renowned scientists, supported by the AXA Research Fund, on the latest insights and levers for action to map a safer, sustainable future.

In this 25-minuite masterclass, philosopher Peter Burgess explores the notion of risk and how it’s becoming so prevalent in our societies. He analyses how we can live with it and embrace uncertainty.

Professor Helen Colhoun explores how data is transforming health and medical research and examines where it could take us next in the future.

Coasts play a central role in our societies. Prof. Mike Beck explores the superpower of nature, especially reefs and wetlands, to help protect coastal communities from climate change.