• The Board Diversity Policy sets out the approach to diversity on the Board of Directors of AXA UK plc, AXA Insurance UK plc and AXA PPP healthcare limited.
  • The Policy applies only to the Board of Directors of each Company. It does not apply to diversity in relation to employees of the AXA UK Group, which is covered by AXA UK Diversity and Equal Opportunity Policy.

Policy Statement

  • The Companies value diversity and inclusion and continue to create and develop an inclusive culture. The Companies are committed to ensuring equality of opportunities, with the aim of promoting diversity throughout the AXA UK Group including at the most senior levels, with a diversity and inclusion agenda that goes beyond the protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010.
  • Diversity includes, but is not limited to, the following factors: gender, age, educational and professional background, geographical provenance, nationality, sexuality, disability, and ethnic origin.
  • Board selection processes are consistent with the AXA UK Diversity and Equal Opportunity Policy.
  • The suitability of a candidate proposed for appointment as an executive director is reviewed by the AXA UK Remuneration Committee, while the suitability of a candidate proposed for appointment as a non-executive director is reviewed by the AXA UK Nomination Committee.
  • In addition, the Board has delegated responsibility to the AXA UK Nomination Committee (under the chairmanship of the Board Chair) for reviewing the structure, size and composition (including the skills, knowledge and experience) required of the Boards compared to their current position and makes recommendations to the Boards regarding any changes, taking into account:
    • The results of the Board evaluation process
    • The total number of directors
    • The balance of executive and non-executive directors
    • The need to ensure appropriate collective knowledge and experience, and diversity factors (including the skills mix, industry experience, gender, age, nationality and ethnic background, educational and professional background and geographical provenance).
  • Whilst candidate selection remains entirely based on merit, the Committees will take into account factors of diversity when making recommendations for appointment.
  • In October 2020, AXA UK plc signed the CBI’s Change the Race Ratio, which aims to increase racial and ethnic participation in business. The commitments include increasing racial and ethnic diversity among Board members and senior leadership, being transparent on targets and actions and creating an inclusive culture in which talent from all diversities can thrive. AXA UK plc remains committed to racial and ethnic board diversity.

Review of the Policy

The Board will review the Policy annually together with an assessment of its effectiveness.

Last reviewed and approved by the Board on 21 June 2023