Surveys and reports

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The Priority Report

Surveys and reports

5 April 2022

With the cost of living on the rise, what will we spend more money on this coming year and where will we spend less? We surveyed the nation to find out.

AXA Future Risks Report

Surveys and reports

29 September 2021

Globally, we asked over 19,000 members of the public and 3,500 experts for their views. And it’s no surprise, given the all the events of this year alone, that climate change has topped the list.

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How are Brits are feeling one year on from lockdown?

Surveys and reports

18 March 2021

We strive to help people lead better lives, whether that means protecting them or their loved ones or helping them to stay happy and healthy. One year on from the first COVID-19 lockdown in the UK, we wanted to gauge how the nation is feeling and how people’s attitudes to life, family and work have changed.

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How should we build Britain’s future homes?

Surveys and reports

20 June 2019

AXA has partnered with the think-tank Demos to understand how to tackle the UK housing crisis not just by building more homes, but by building homes suitable for future communities.

Helping the nation to tackle stress

Surveys and reports

12 December 2018

We strive to help people lead better lives, whether that means protecting their property or helping them stay happy and healthy