photo of a nurse and a patient attached on a mirror
Find your Feelgood Health


27 October 2022

At AXA Health, we believe in a better way to stay healthy. One that’s less about setting extreme goals and more about enjoying yourself. One where we count smiles, not miles.

Emergency cash advance


21 June 2022

You’ll never be prepared for that unexpected event when you have to leave your home. But with emergency cash advance we can help make it easier. Discover how.

Family hiking next to a lake
Getting you back to the good stuff


22 October 2021

Maybe you enjoy the roaring laughter of friends and family at your home or heading out on road trips to explore new places. However you like to enjoy life, we’re here to protect you when something unexpected happens, so you can get back to the good stuff.

Jack Whitehall at the foot of a play slide
Start your Feelgood Health journey


25 January 2021

We believe there’s a better, more fun route to achieving good health for both mind and body. A journey that isn’t driven by extreme goals but by finding your own way, in your own unique style.

happy young girl sit on sofa at home holding phone looking at screen
Claim assessment by video


6 September 2018

Find out how we're saving our home insurance customers' precious time by carrying out claim assessments by video.

Big help for small businesses


14 August 2018

Free help and advice for business owners – always at your fingertips

Saving a flooded business


28 May 2018

How the quick thinking of our claims team came to the rescue