Start your Feelgood Health journey

We believe there’s a better, more fun route to achieving good health for both mind and body. A journey that isn’t driven by extreme goals but by finding your own way, in your own unique style.


25 January 2021

At AXA Health, we believe in a more enjoyable way to taking care of your physical and mental health. One that’s not about pushing your boundaries to the limit, but focussing more on fun and having a good time.

Feelgood Health is the idea that with the right support and encouragement we can all have the confidence to be the best version of ourselves. So when it comes to your health we’re always challenging the way things are, and establishing new ways of exercising body and mind. If a 5k is too much, take the dog for a walk, and if you don’t fancy the gym try doing some light lunges while you wait for the kettle to boil.

What Feelgood Health means to Jack Whitehall

In a continuation of our partnership with Jack Whitehall, Jack explains what Feelgood Health means to him in our new TV advert, it also gave him a good excuse to meet up with his old friend Daisy the dog again.

Real Feelgood Health Journeys documentary series

We’ve created a documentary series called Real Feelgood Health Journeys, where we focus on people who found unexpected joy in physical activities, and the positive impact it had on their health and wellbeing. We also sit them down with our team of AXA Health experts and delve a little bit into the science behind why Feelgood Health works.

Woman wearing a blue life jacket with paddle in her hand

Our inspiration generator

To help you find your Feelgood Health, we’ve created an inspiration generator that tailors health advice to your Feelgood Health mindset. All you have to do is choose whether you’re a Good Lifer, Butterfly, Gains Guru, Mindful Master or Opportunist, and then we’ll do the rest.