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14 August 2018

It’s an exciting time, starting your own small business. Forging your own path, facing fresh challenges every day, going out to offer the world something different and better – the same things that keep us motivated at AXA.

It shouldn’t be a matter of making your way alone, though. Every small business needs help to stay ahead of the game.

There’s a lot you need to know and it’s not always easy to find reliable information quickly, and harder still to find everything you need in one place.

That’s why we’ve created Business Guardian Angel.

Business Guardian Angel

Whether you’re an architect or a plumber, we’ll provide you with support and a competitive advantage to make a positive difference in your business. It’s free, open to all and always at your fingertips.

Get inspirational blogs, news and case studies - from how to turn your passion into a business to setting a strategy to grow a successful business and much more.

Business Guardian Angel is dedicated to all those who share our forward-looking, go-getting spirit to get ahead today with AXA’s Business Guardian Angel.

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