Investing in prosthetics to make surgery more precise

Our support for a project to improve prosthetic surgery outcomes


30 July 2018

If you’ve seen our TV advert featuring the extraordinary dancer Taylor Haines, you'll already be aware that we fund cutting-edge research in prosthetics technology.

Dr Caroline Claasen-Göntje is one of the researchers – focused on developing a new generation of surgical saw for use in prosthetics surgery.

The success of any operation to attach a prosthesis or replace a joint such as a hip or knee will always depend on the accuracy with which the surgeon is able to position it.

Clearly, any innovation which helps the surgeon to be more precise will increase the likelihood of the patient going on to enjoy fully-restored, pain-free and longer-lasting mobility.

To this end, Dr Claasen-Göntje has been developing a new type of surgical saw fitted with a motion sensor to guide the surgeon’s movements along a planned trajectory.

The motion sensor makes 200-300 measurements per second; the computation time has to be faster than the surgeon’s reactions to guide his or her movements.

This innovation has the potential to lead to consistently better outcomes for those undergoing such operations, and we’re proud to have supported the project through the AXA Research Fund.

To date, we’ve contributed to over 560 such projects – a real demonstration of our dedication to making people’s lives better and safer.

For us, health insurance is about more than just covering medical bills; it’s about helping to pioneer improvements in treatment in the first place.