Pancake Day: why not take a break?

Kelly Jones (Owner, The Manchester Cakehouse) in

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27 February 2017

The Manchester Cakehouse shows us how to treat your business this Pancake Day

Why more mums are launching businesses

Starting up

24 February 2017

What the trend of 'productive parents' means for the UK business landscape

Spotlight On: Female Entrepreneurs and Inequality

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17 January 2017

Exploring the meteoric rise of female entrepreneurs and challenging workplace inequality.

Are you ready to start a business?

Starting up

16 December 2016

What you need to know from those who have taken the small business plunge

micro business
Five reasons to go for it and launch a micro-business

Starting up

30 November 2016

Got an idea for a business but need a reason to go for it? Here's AXA's top five reasons to start a micro-business.

The rise of the artisan SME

Starting up

29 September 2016

Artisanal SMEs are on the rise, so what can their success teach your business?

How to become a self-employed courier

Starting up

25 August 2016

Find out if becoming a self-employed courier is the right route for you

Students: how to start your own business

Starting up

25 July 2016

Your definitive guide to starting your own business straight out of university

Top five start-up business mistakes

Starting up

18 July 2016

Start your business the right way by avoiding five common start-up slip-ups

Why are more women going freelance?

Starting up

4 July 2016

How can you join the fastest growing group of self-employed professionals?

Your self-employed checklist

Starting up

13 June 2016

Make sure you've got everything you need to go self-employed successfully

You don't need uni to start a business

Starting up

18 May 2016

Find out why a degree from the University of Life is all your business needs

Tools: to hire or not to hire?

Starting up

1 April 2016

We reveal if hiring tools or buying them outright is right for your business

The year of the entrepreneur

Starting up

23 March 2016

A new financial year is round the corner. Here's how to make it your year.

Entrepreneurs recommend: the best business books, podcasts and tech

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