What is landlord insurance?

Even with the best tenants and the all the right precautions in place, things can still go wrong. Landlord insurance is a type of insurance designed to protect landlords and their properties against claims. So, whatever you need to ensure your property is protected, we’ve got your back.

What does landlord insurance cover?

Landlord insurance covers a variety of things and the specifics of what you’re covered for will vary from insurer to insurer. As standard with AXA you’ll get.

  • Property owners’ liability cover – protects you against third-party claims – for example, if someone injures themselves on your property
  • Buildings insurance – covers the cost of repairing or rebuilding your property if it’s accidentally damaged or destroyed
  • Cover for up to 10 properties in one policy – add up to 10 properties when you get a quote online
  • Cover to re-house your tenants in alternative accommodation – if your property can’t be accessed or lived in due to damage, and your tenants don’t already have this cover under their own insurance, we’ll look to re-house them in the event of a valid claim
  • Cables and underground pipes cover – we’ll pay you for the costs incurred following damage to pipes or cables, including essential utilities such as electricity, gas, and water
  • Subsidence, ground heave and landslip cover*** – land shifts under your property can cause considerable structural damage, but with this cover (which is a requirement of some mortgages), we’ve got you covered

Do I need landlord insurance?

Landlord insurance is not a legal requirement, however, if you are letting out your property then you’ll need more than just home insurance. However, it is important to bear in mind that your local authority and/or mortgage lender may require you to have a certain level of insurance.

There are risks associated with renting your property that fall outside the cover provided by home insurance. For example, protection against third-party claims – for example, if someone injures themselves on your property, or the costs of housing your tenants in alternative accommodation if your property can’t be access or lived in due to damage.

What other covers might I need?

Protect your property - and investment - with AXA but adding any of the following cover options to your landlord insurance policy.

Accidental damage cover

Protects your property's structure, floors, and fittings. So, it’ll not only protect you if your tenant accidentally spills wine on your carpet, but also if damage is caused from a leak in your property.

Loss of rental income

If your property can't be lived in because of fire, flooding, or major damage, you may be able to claim back loss of rent.

Contents cover

Get up to £75,000 contents cover to protect any furnishings and appliances that belong to you – like, beds, televisions, and white goods.

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