Private health insurance

With private healthcare you see a consultant, rather than a junior doctor or a registrar. You’re treated in a private hospital, or the private wing of an NHS hospital. You have your treatment in comfort - your own room, an en-suite bathroom, and flexible visiting hours. What’s more, private healthcare can give you access to breakthrough treatments, including new cancer drugs, as soon as they’re licensed and proven to work (subject to medical history and cover chosen. Out-patient drugs are not covered).

Dental insurance

Your smile is one of the most important things about you. So it’s important to look after it. Our dental insurance will mean you can do just that. We’ve plans that will help you budget for routine examination as well as more extensive dental work so you can smile with confidence.

When you need to understand what’s going on inside your body

Good health isn’t just about managing ill health and treating disease – it’s about preventing it. Realise Health Plans, delivered by Livesmart, provide blood marker tests that look for a range of health risks so you can stay on top of your health.

Good health through smarter products

ActivePlus brings together the products that give you the power to achieve good health. Using our health expertise, we’re constantly looking to the forefront of innovation and bringing you the smartest choices on the market. And with member discounts across all our products, good health is more achievable than ever.

Health and wellbeing

Our health and wellbeing centres offer you and your family helpful information about medical conditions and illnesses as well as lots of tips to inspire and support you to make better decisions around your lifestyle and wellbeing.

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