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What do electricians do?

As an electrician, your customers rely on you to keep their lights and power on in their homes. You spend your days installing, maintaining and repairing the various electrical devices that keep things running smoothly. Electricians work on various types of buildings, from residential homes, to shops and offices.

What is AXA's electrician insurance?

We want to make sure you’re getting the right covers for your electrician’s business, so that you can rest easy knowing we’ve got your back if an accident should happen. With AXA, you can tailor your insurance policy to get the covers you need and that will best serve your unique business challenges.

Public liability insurance is the most common type of insurance for electricians as it protects your business if someone is accidentally injured when you’re carrying out a job, or their property is damaged because of the work you’re doing. Let’s say you’re fixing a broken plug socket, and someone trips over the cable or one of your tools? We’ve got your back if it results in a claim.

You can also add on any other covers you might need, depending on the business you do. Proving the design for cabling on a new extension? Consider investing in professional indemnity insurance. Have any apprentices who work with you? Employer’s liability is a must! Want to protect any of your own plant tools and equipment? We’ve got an optional extra for that.

Do electrical contractors need insurance?

As an electrician, you spend your days installing smart meters or sorting the wiring for a new home office. Sparking plugs and dodgy wiring shudder as you turn up with your toolkit.

You’re good at spotting problems and fixing things – it’s what you do all day. But what happens if something you haven’t anticipated occurs and someone is badly injured? Or if something in the area your working gets broken or damaged at your hand?

Without insurance you stand to lose more than just the cost of a claim. If you’re held liable you could also lose valuable working time, your credibility, and your ability to trade in the future.

What type of insurance do electricians need?

As an electrician, you’re working with electricity and live wires on a daily basis, so it’s always better to be prepared for any eventuality. Of course, there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to building your perfect policy and choosing what you need cover for. We know choosing the right cover can be stressful, but not to worry, we’re here to help!


Public liability insurance for electricians

Public liability insurance offers electricians cover in case someone is accidentally injured or their property is damaged because of their work. Public liability insurance can protect your business against claims to cover damages and legal costs that people may make against your business.

So, whether it’s a trip and slip or a serious accident that could wreak havoc on your bank balance, public liability insurance gives you the extra peace of mind you need.

With us, you’ll get:

  • Up to £5 million protection
  • If your claim is accepted, you'll be covered for solicitors' fees. experct counsel and compensation bills in your defence
  • Optional extras such as own plant tools and equipment or legal expenses cover

Employers' liability insurance for electricians

You’re legally required to have this kind of cover if you have any staff or apprentices. Even if you have one member of staff or volunteer working for you, you are liable for any illness or injury they experience as a result of working for you. If you don’t have this type of insurance, you can be fined.

With AXA, you’ll get £10 million cover for protection, up to £250 court attendance costs to defend a claim, as well as access to the tax and legal helpline.

It’ll protect:

  • Full-time and part-time employees
  • Self-employed contractors you hire
  • Temporary staff, apprentices and volunteers
  • People taking part in work experience or training schemes

Own plant tools and equipment for electricians

As an electrician, you’ll be working with tools almost, if not, every day. Own plant tools and equipment tools insurance from AXA offers protections for both the tools that you own, and you can cover those that you have hired in case of accidental loss, theft or damage.

With AXA, you’ll get:

  • Plant tools and equipment insurance for your own or hired tools
  • Business equipment cover to protect laptops, mobiles and other tech
  • Protection for accidental loss, theft or damage
  • Up to £2000 cover for any stock you might have

Van insurance for electricians

When you’re working for different clients, you’re always on the move which means you rely on your van to keep business operating as normal. We understand how important it is to keep the wheels turning, that’s why van insurance from AXA is there to give you peace of mind.

With AXA, you’ll get:

  • Cover for accidental injuries caused to other peopl, their vehicles or property
  • Cover for loss or damage to your van caused by fire or theft
  • Cover if you out the wrong fuel in your van
  • Your cover is continued while your van is being serviced or repaired
  • Guarenteed courtesy van when your van is under repair at an approved garage following an accident
  • Cover for personal injury to the driver of your van (up to £5000)

How much does electrician’s insurance cost?

Like your company, your insurance needs are totally unique. The price of electrician’s insurance depends on the work you carry out, to the amount of staff you have.

The easiest way for you to find out your price? Take a couple of minutes to get a quote – and remember, there’s a 10%** discount for online customers. You can choose to pay in monthly instalments (subject to acceptance criteria) or pay it all upfront with our one-off annual payment.

Either way, it’s a small price to pay for securing the safety of your business.


Do self-employed electricians need insurance?

Whether you’re an electrician working for yourself, or someone else, it’s important you’re protected against potential accidents. As a self-employed electrician, you’ll be responsible for your actions and your own work. Your business insurance could end up being the most important tool in your kit.

Since you’re working for your customers, and possibly even around members of the public, it’s important you invest in public liability insurance in case someone gets injured or property is damage. If your business is expanding, and you find yourself taking on extra hands, even if that’s part time or unpaid, you’ll need to get employer’s liability insurance sorted.

Cover doesn’t stop there though. If you’re going it alone, you might need help sorting out the legal sides of your business. Do you fully understand how contracts or data protection works? Do you know your responsibilities when it comes to paying your taxes? Consider protecting yourself with legal expenses cover to ensure you don’t wind up on the wrong side of claim.

What insurance does an electrician need?

From business equipment and premises, to any vehicles you use and possible consequences of any work you carry out – you’ll need to protect the essentials. With AXA’s business insurance for electricians, you can custom-build the insurance to fit the unique needs of your company.

Public liability insurance

Protects your business against claims to cover damages and legal costs that people may make against your business due to work you’ve carried out.

Find out more about public liability insurance

Professional indemnity insurance

Get protected if your business is found to have provided bad service, misleading advice or rubbish design.

Find out more

Employers’ liability insurance

Support if an employee of yours is injured or becomes ill as a result of working for your company.

Find out more

Van insurance

Keep the wheels turning with AXA’s five-star Defaqto-rated van insurance.

Find out more

Own plant, tools and equipment insurance

Protect your own plant, tools and equipment – including digital devices and stock, like wires and cabling – up to the value of £20,000.

Hired-in plant insurance

Keep hired equipment safe if they’re destroyed or damaged in your care.

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