24 Hour Claims

How to improve your chances of getting your business insurance claim settled within 24 hours

Although we all buy business insurance for a clear purpose, nobody really wants to make a claim. And if you do need to make one, the last thing you want is for the claims process to be difficult or slow.

That’s why at AXA Business Insurance, we work hard to settle all our claims as quickly and efficiently as possible. In fact, with the relevant information at hand, we could even settle your claim within 24 hours.

Our award-winning claims team* know exactly what information helps us validate business insurance claims efficiently, so here are some top tips to ensure your claim is paid out as soon as possible.

What do I need?

Providing as much of the information detailed below, as early as possible, will enable us to deal with your business insurance claim quickly and effectively. So please make sure you have the following information at hand when you contact us:

  1. Your policy number and business details
  2. Your trade or occupation and the description of your business
  3. The address you’re insured at
  4. The date when the damage or loss happened
  5. Details of what actually happened to lead to a claim
  6. Full details of the nature and extent of your loss, including details of damage and any supporting evidence you have, for example estimates, images or original invoices
  7. A description of your business premises if you’ve insured them
  8. Whether or not your property is occupied or unoccupied, as well as details of the duration of when it’s occupied (if you’ve insured your premises)
  9. Your VAT status and number
  10. The sort code, account number and name of the account holder we should pay – with our electronic payment service (which is our preferred payment method) your money could be in your account within two hours

Customer testimonials

The claims advisor was extremely helpful – she took all my details and approved my claim straight away.
The funds were in my account within a matter of hours. Being self-employed, this meant that my business was not affected.
I couldn't recommend them enough.
100% professional service.
Quick and accurate payment straight to my bank account.

Contact our claims team

Once you’ve got all the information you need, you can get in touch with one of our specialist claims teams using the contact details on our business insurance claims page.

While we’ll do everything possible to pay your claim within 24 hours, there may be more information we need depending on the circumstances of your claim.

However, providing as much of the information listed above as early as possible will enable us to deal with your claim as effectively and efficiently as possible.

*Our claims team have won leading industry awards at the CII Public Interest Awards 2015 and 2016, The British Insurance Awards 2012 and 2015, and The Claims Awards 2012.