Who we cover

Get the right business insurance for you

Insuring your business is easy with AXA. You can choose the insurance that's right for you in minutes – and you’ll also get a 10% online discount.

Start up business insurance

Starting a business? Protect yourself from the word go

Working from home insurance

Home insurance isn't enough to cover your business

Self-employed insurance

Make sure you’re protected with self-employed insurance

Shop insurance

Cover for your buildings, contents, stock, business liability, and more

Commercial property insurance

Tailored packages for surgeries, office, hotels, restaurants, and more

Beauty salon insurance

Insurance for beauticians and makeup artists

Hairdressing insurance

Style your insurance to meet your needs

Florists insurance

Get blooming lovely insurance from AXA

Cafés and Coffee Shops Insurance

Protect your café and coffee shop

Insurance for dog walkers

So you don’t end up in the doghouse.

Insurance for artists

Customisable, creative insurance for artists.