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  • Five things to keep in your car this winter

    November 30, 2017

  • Reports suggest that Britain is set to face the worst winter since 2006, so there's no time like the present to put together a cold-weather survival kit for your motor. Keep these five things in your car during the worst of the weather, and it will help to keep you as safe as possible on chilly days.

    A snow shovel

    If you get caught in heavy snowfall you'll be glad that you remembered to throw a shovel in the boot. This is especially important if you're parking overnight in rural areas, or places where gritting might be less frequent. A snow brush and an ice scraper are also worth keeping to hand – these will enable you to clear windows and windscreens.

    Tyre chains (or snow socks)

    A full set of winter tyres probably isn't necessary in Britain, as we don't get the snowfall to justify the expense. Instead, keep a pair of snow chains or snow socks in your boot and slip them onto your tyres when you need to drive on snowy roads. This will give you extra traction, which is ideal if the gritters haven't been out yet. Remember to remove the chains before getting back on the tarmac, otherwise you may cause damage to the road and your car.

    A foil blanket

    A space blanket is essential for winter breakdowns. It might not seem as cosy as a fleece one, but the shiny material is better at preventing hypothermia. It reduces convection, and lowers the amount of heat lost through sweat.


    They're not just for your summer holidays, sunglasses also help to protect your eyes against the glare of the snow (and the low winter sun in the evenings).

    A torch (and spare batteries)

    The sun sets a lot earlier in winter, making an after-dark breakdown more likely. Keep a torch and some spare batteries in your car so you can signal to other drivers if you break down on a dark country road. With a torch you'll also be better able to check under the bonnet and make repairs (such as changing a tyre) after sunset.

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