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  • Making a Home Insurance claim

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  • Overview

    You only discover the value of your home insurance when you make a claim. That's when you'll be glad you chose AXA. Giving you specialist support and a rapid response, we can help make difficult situations seem a lot easier.

    Before you claim

    • Take all reasonable steps to recover missing property and minimise further damage
    • In the event of theft, loss of property or vandalism, contact the police immediately and get a crime reference number
    • Log in to your AXA Account to check your cover and any excesses (i.e. the amount you will need to pay towards the claim)

    Buildings, contents and personal possessions claims

    However big or small your claim, reporting it is quick and easy.

    Contact us with the details of your claim as soon as possible. Making your claim online is the fastest way to get it resolved. We'll start processing your claim right away before a specialist advisor calls you to discuss the details. Using your AXA Account to report your claim saves time when you need it most.

    Make a claim for:

    • Buildings & contents
    • Personal possessions
    • Accidental damage
    • Bicycle cover
    • Student cover

    If you need to register your claim by phone, call our 24 hour claims line on 0330 024 8086. Calls may be recorded and monitored.

    Legal expenses claims and advice

    All AXA home insurance customers can call our confidential helpline for free expert advice about legal issues including:

    • Breach of contract
    • Personal injury
    • Motoring prosecution
    • Employment disputes

    If you have a HomeSafe policy, you can also claim up to £100,000 to help with legal costs and expenses.

    If you have added Legal expenses as a cover option to your HomeSmart or HomeSure policy, you can claim up to £50,000 to help with legal costs and expenses.

    For legal advice or to make a claim, call 0330 024 1278**

    **Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Calls may be recorded and monitored.

    Home assistance claims

    All AXA home insurance customers can contact our domestic helpline for expert support regarding an emergency at home. We can arrange for an authorised contractor to help with:

    • Plumbing
    • Drainage
    • Heating
    • Electrical
    • Roofing

    If you have added Home Assistance as a cover option to a HomeSmart or HomeSure policy, you can also claim up to £1,000 per claim towards call out, labour, parts and materials.

    If you have a HomeSafe policy, Home Assistance is included as standard, with an increased limit of £1,500 per claim towards call out, labour, parts and materials.

    Call our Home Emergency Team to report a claim on 0330 024 1259**

    **Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Calls may be recorded and monitored.

    Existing claims

    Once you have reported a home insurance claim, you can check its status and reference number by logging in to your online AXA Account.

    Log in now to view your claim(s)

    Making claims clear

    AXA is committed to making claims clear. We paid over 85% of customers’ home insurance claims in the last year*.

    4% of our home insurance policy holders needed to make a claim in the last year, with an average claim pay out of £3,414*.

    *Data relates to personal home insurance claims for policies underwritten by AXA Insurance UK plc from April 2016 to March 2017 inclusive

    All insurance policies contain exclusions and conditions, so we wanted to remind you of some of the things your policy does not cover, and some of the conditions of your insurance policy that you must follow so there are no misunderstandings.

    We also wanted to share some of the most common situations where a claim might not be paid to help you understand why this is, and help ensure that this does not happen to you.

    Maintaining your property

    A few simple checks could help prevent damage to your home happening in the first place. AXA, along with most other insurers, requires homeowners to keep their property well-maintained and won’t cover policyholders for natural wear and tear, which can be exacerbated by bad weather. It is advisable to take time out to regularly check for signs of damage to ensure that you will be covered in the event of a claim.

    • Make sure your property is in a good state of repair and that any necessary maintenance work is carried out as required.
    • Slipped roof tiles and loose cement around chimneys can lead to water damage when the weather turns bad. Fixing these in advance would avoid you needing to make a claim in the first place.
    • Flat felt roofs have a relatively short lifespan. Typically, we would not pay for repairs if water is leaking through as a result of its age or condition.
    • Make sure you regularly clear your guttering. This will help ensure that rainwater does not enter your home and cause damp or water damage.
    • If your home has damage to its rendering, or its pointing is in a poor condition, get this repaired as soon as possible. This could leave you vulnerable to water and storm damage, and you may not be covered if you claim.

    Accidental damage and personal possessions cover

    The most common reason contents insurance claims are not paid is that the right level of cover wasn’t purchased when the policy was originally taken out.

    • Accidental damage protection for buildings is included as standard with our HomeSafe and HomeSure products, but needs to be added as a cover option with our HomeSmart product.
    • Accidental damage protection for contents, meanwhile, is only included as standard with our HomeSafe product. It therefore needs to be added as a cover option when buying either our HomeSmart or HomeSure product. This will protect you for damage to your carpets, furniture and ornaments in the home.
    • Accidental Damage will cover most situations, but we do not cover damage that is caused gradually, such as for general wear and tear, or for an electrical fault that stops an appliance from working.
    • To protect your belongings you take with you away from the home, you would need to purchase Personal Possessions cover, which again is a cover option we offer. Although customers who purchase our HomeSafe product get up to £2,500 protection included as standard.
    • And always try to take reasonable precautions to protect your property, as we would not typically cover something that has been left unsecured in the open.

    Make sure you are insuring your contents and buildings for the right value

    Although not a common situation, if you have not insured your property for the right value, this can lead to a claim being reduced in value or in extreme cases, rejected in full.

    • The value of certain items may have increased since you first took out your policy, and you may find that you could be under insured.
    • This is particularly true of jewellery and valuables which can increase in value rapidly.
    • And over time, you can easily increase the value of your general contents in your home as you may purchase more things, or new technology is more expensive to replace.
    • It is always advisable to think about every room and what it would cost if you had to replace everything in it as new. Items that are permanently fixed to the property would be considered part of your buildings insurance.