• In most cases, if you have someone working for you, the law requires you to have employers’ liability insurance. 

    Despite all your best efforts, workplace injuries can happen when you least expect them – sometimes with devastating consequences. 


    Policy benefits

    • £10 million protection - for legal costs and compensation due
    • Legal costs for health and safety law prosecution covered too
    • Up to 50 days' free cover for temporary workers
    • £250 compensation a day court attendance compensation


    Optional extras

    • Public liability insurance
    • Professional indemnity insurance
    • Tools, IT and hire equipment
    • Contract works - if your project is damaged part way through
    • Personal accident - covers your income if you or a key partner are injured 



  • Why do I need employers' liability cover?

  • It's often a legal requirement

    As a rule of thumb, if someone is working under your supervision, you are legally required to have employer’s liability insurance.  It covers:

    • Full-time and part-time employees
    • Self-employed contractors you hire
    • Temporary staff, apprentices and volunteers

    Remember, fines can reach £2,500 for each day you employ someone without the right cover, so check carefully what you need (see the ABI’s guidance for small businesses). Once you have a policy, make sure you display your insurance certificate where employees can see it and have it ready for HSE inspectors when they visit.

  • It protects your business 

    Employee injury claims can be very costly. Here a few examples of how claims can arise:

    • A cleaner was injured after falling over a mop. Compensation due: just over £9,000.
    • A self-employed contractor suffered serious leg injuries after scaffolding fell in. He received £55,000.
    • An office worker was awarded £37,500 for repetitive strain injury caused by excessive computer use at work.
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  • How can I tailor my policy?

    When you get a quote from us, you’ll have the option of including other types of business insurance in your policy. 

  • If people visit your place of work, you may need public liability insurance. Wet floors, icy footpaths, a trip over a bag or simply a scald from a hot drink – can all lead to a costly claim against your business.

  • Losing valuable equipment can seriously hit your pocket and disrupt your business. When you get an employers’ liability quote, you can also insure your tools, plant and equipment for damage, theft and loss. You’ll also have the option of covering hired tools and plant; just choose your cover level under hired-in plant. 

  • If your work causes damage or injury, your business would pick up the bill for repairs and compensation. Make sure you’re covered with public liability insurance as well.

    If you are working on a construction project, you’ll likely have materials, equipment and time invested in it. If there’s an accident that causes damage or destruction, contract works cover helps you recoup the costs and get the project back on track.

  • You can include personal accident cover too. This means if you or a key partner suffers an accident and your business income drops while you recover, we’ll pay a guaranteed income for up to two years. 

  • If people rely on your professional judgement, they could sue you if they believe you’ve made a mistake. Professional indemnity insurance protects you from compensation claims and hefty legal fees.

  • More policy information

    AXA employers' liability insurance for professionals:

    Policy summary (PDF 100.18Kb)

    Policy wording (PDF 926.77Kb)

    AXA employers' liability insurance for tradesmen:

    Policy summary (PDF 151.64Kb)

    Policy wording (PDF 920.54Kb)

  • Optional covers for Professionals

    Business Equipment

    Policy Summary (PDF 144Kb)

    Policy Wording (PDF 111Kb)

    Personal Accident

    Policy Summary (PDF 150Kb)

    Policy Wording (PDF 143Kb)

    Professional Indemnity optional covers (subject to your occupation)

    Policy Summary (PDF 107Kb)

    Policy Wording (PDF 84Kb)


    Optional covers for Tradesmen

    Contract Works

    Policy Summary (PDF 160Kb)

    Policy Wording (PDF 151Kb)

    Hired in Plant

    Policy Summary (PDF 154Kb)

    Policy Wording (PDF 182Kb)

    Own Plant, Tools and Equipment

    Policy Summary (PDF 155Kb)

    Policy Wording (PDF 61Kb)

    Personal Accident

    Policy Summary (PDF 150Kb)

    Policy Wording (PDF 143Kb)

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