• If people rely on your professional expertise, they can claim against you if they think you’ve made a mistake.

    That’s where professional indemnity insurance (also called PI insurance) comes in. It protects your business against unforeseen risks such as compensation payments or legal costs, which can be very expensive.

  • Policy benefits

    • Choice of cover levels (up to £5 million)
    • Your defence costs are paid - including solicitor's fees and expert counsel
    • Compensation bills are paid
    • Specialist policies available - for accountants, surveyors and many more professions


    Optional extras

    • Data protection and copyright claims
    • Business equipment
    • Employee injury and illness
    • Public liability claims
    • Loss of earnings after an accident 



  • Specialist policies

    You can find more information on our professional indemnity cover in the policy summary and policy wording. We also provide specialist policies for:

    Accountants (ICAEW, ICAI, ICAS, ACCA, CIOT, ATT)
    Architects (ARB)
    Business consultants
    Creative, marketing and media professionals
    Engineers, surveyors and estate agents (RICS, NALS)
    IT professionals

    Don't see your profession here? Search for it when you get a quote.

    Why would I need professional indemnity cover?

    You provide advice and consultancy – clients can claim compensation if there’s a mistake in the advice you’ve given.

    You provide an expert service – if you make a mistake in designs, plans or calculations.

    You handle people’s information – you could face claims if you accidentally disclose data or infringe on a client’s legal rights.

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  • Which optional extras do I need?

    These questions help you decide which optional covers should be included in your quote.

  • We offer cover for claims related to:

    • Confidentiality breaches – if you accidentally reveal information about a client, say by losing a laptop or forwarding an email to the wrong person.
    • Defamation  if someone feels you’ve said something that damages their reputation, you could be sued for defamation.
    • Copyright breaches – if you use someone else’s copyrighted work the wrong way. 
    • Loss of documents - if vital records are stolen (hard copies or on computer), it could stop you doing business. We'll cover the cost of restoring or replacing them.
    • Cover for court attendance - if you have to miss work to attend court because of a claim, we'll compensate you (your partner, employee or spouse) £200 per day.
    • Employee dishonesty cover - that means you won't have to cover all the costs if an employee commits fraud or theft without your knowledge.
  • You can insure your computers, scanners and other business items too. Simply choose how much you’d need to cover accidental damage or theft (from £2,500 to £10,000).

  • The law requires most employers to have at least £5 million of employers' liability cover for injury or sickness claims from employees. Check carefully if you need it, because fines can be hefty if you fail to insure yourself properly.

  • Public liability insurance isn't just for builders and tradesmen. Many claims arise after things as simple as a visitor tripping over loose flooring or someone slipping on a wet floor. Even knocking over a vase or accidentally leaving a window open in a property you visit could lead to a property damage claim.

  • Your business may rely heavily on you or a key partner. If you're unable to work after an accident, we'd pay a weekly wage or lump sum while you recover*. Just choose personal accident cover when you get a quote.

  • Optional Covers for Professional Indemnity

    Professional Indemnity Optional Covers (subject to your occupation)

    Policy Summary (PDF 107Kb)

    Policy Wording (PDF 84Kb)

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  • *An excess period of 14 days is applicable.