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Residential landlord insurance

  • Whether you let your property to tenants or your own family, you'll need more than just house insurance to cover you if things go wrong. Put simply, landlord insurance stops mishaps – such as flooding, burst pipes, broken windows or fire damage – from becoming major losses. 

    And the beauty of it is, buy online today and you'll get a 10% discount on your full policy – and that includes your optional extras.

  • What's covered by the policy?

    • Up to £10 million protection - even the smallest incident can lead to a big compensation claim from a third party. Your policy protects you with property owner’s liability cover.
    • Cover to re-house your tenants - we’ll pay to re-house your tenants after a serious incident – like a flood or fire.
    • Inflation protection - we’ll increase your cover in line with inflation during your policy – that means you’ll always have the right level of cover for your property.
    • Protection that reaches underground - underground pipes and cables are covered as standard in your policy. You can also choose to add cover for subsidence, ground heave and landslip.

    With our policy, you've got a solid foundation to your buy-to-let investment. And we even provide cover for the details, like removal of wasp, bee and hornet nests.

    What can I add?

    At AXA, we understand that you, your residential property and your tenants have unique needs. That's why we also let you choose from our optional protection range. You can add any of the following cover options when you get a quote.

  • Accidents do happen. Just think about the consequences for your property of a burst water pipe with an ill-placed nail, a bottle of red wine being dropped on your fitted carpet or a bath overflowing. In such cases, accidental damage cover for your building would cover your property's structure, floors and fittings.
  • If you've provided your tenants with furnishings, kitchen appliances and fittings, you probably have a substantial investment tied up in them. Boost your protection with contents insurance, and you will be covered for up to £50,000.
  • In tough economic times, you are likely to rely on your rental income to make your mortgage payments, cover your costs and earn extra cash. If your property is empty as a result of fire, flooding or major damage, you can claim back the loss of rent. And if an incident causes a reduction in your rental income, AXA will cover that shortfall for up to 36 months – a deal that is hard to beat on today's landlord insurance market.
  • As a residential property owner, you may be scrupulous in covering every angle of maintenance and repair, but land shifts under your property can happen over decades and often go unnoticed until they've caused major structural damage. Engineer's fees and repair costs mount fast – but you can sleep easy if your insurance has it covered. It's also a good idea to check with your mortgage provider whether such cover is mandatory for you. These days, it's a common requirement in mortgage agreements.
  • If you employ someone to carry out work on your property, you are responsible for their safety while they are there. While you may do everything possible to ensure a safe environment for handymen and cleaners when they work for you, employers' liability insurance will cover your back in case of compensation claims for injury.
  • Insurance for damage to property or loss of life as a result of a terrorist attack is available. You can find more information in our policy documents below.
  • More policy information

    AXA landlord insurance:

    Policy Summary (pdf 1.35Mb)

    Policy Wording (pdf 1.89Mb)


  • About us

    At AXA Business Insurance, we give you the protection you need, so that you can grow your business, which is reflected in our customer service score of 4.8 out of 5 based on 1794 reviews as of July 2014. We offer business insurance online to sole traders, self-employed people and small businesses – and van insurance too, for business or personal use.

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