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It’s time we all started talking to each other more. Spread the word.

When it comes to mental health, we’re all in it together. And in these increasingly divisive times, the need to look after each other has never been more paramount. So we want to spread our message and promote the benefits of sharing up and down the UK. Let’s get people talking, opening up and supporting one another because after all, sharing makes us all stronger.

AXA Head Coaches

AXA is the official training kit partner of Liverpool FC. As part of our partnership, we’ve been, working with staff from the LFC Foundation - the club’s official charity dedicated to creating life changing opportunities for children and young people in the Liverpool City region and beyond.

Together, we kicked off the AXA Head Coaches initiative, training LFC Foundation staff as Youth Mental Health First Aid Champions, so they have a greater knowledge of common mental health issues and how they can affect the young people they work with.

With one in eight 5 to 19 year olds reported to be experiencing mental health problems1, the training aims to help them to feel better equipped to talk about mental health issues and teach them how to approach a conversation and where to point people for further help.

1NHS Digital: Mental Health of Children and Young People in England, 2017

One of the most crucial things Youth Mental Health First Aid Champions learn, is the some of the signs of declining mental health, especially with an age group that are wary of appearing vulnerable in front of their friends.

In this film, we outline the five signs that someone may be suffering from a mental health problem. We call it W-A-T-C-H.



Becoming noticeably quieter, less confident, subdued and distant from family, friends and teammates.



Appearing ‘negative’ and depressed and/or experiencing worries and fears that stop them from carrying out daily tasks.



Poor sleeping patterns can cause tiredness, irritability and lethargy, and may suggest something is on their mind.



Any new change in social behaviour, action or loss of interest in usually enjoyable activities may suggest that something's ‘not right’.



Evidence of physical injuries, risky behaviour, alcohol/drug misuse, suicidal thoughts or other actions that could cause physical harm, may indicate distress.

AXA Health Tech and You Award Winners 2019

Encouraging innovation in mental health

The AXA Health Tech & You awards hero the visionaries shaping the future of healthcare. In 2019 we set a ’Mental Health In Children’ challenge. The winner, KIT, is a digital companion that provides a safe, non-judgemental outlet for children who need to voice what's on their minds.

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Encouraging the UK to buddy-up

Our #InMyCorner campaign saw us team-up with 
cold-water swimming group the Bluetits to tell an inspiring story of the power of friendship when improving our wellbeing and mental health.