15 things to love about local businesses

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8 September 2017

They’re often called the heart of the local community, and not without reason. In fact, here’s 15 reasons we love and support local businesses:

1. They know your name... and remember to ask if your mum's feeling better

Your local shopkeeper is all about the personal touch.

2. They'll let you advertise any local events you're running, usually for free

They're happy for you to pop a few flyers or posters in their windows.

3. They'll let you off by 50p if you're short

They know you're good for it.

4. They can recommend new things to try based on your shopping habits

Your shopkeeper knows you pretty well, after all.

5. They'll stay open an extra five minutes for your late-night milk dash

Hot chocolate tonight and cereal in the morning – these guys are true heroes.

6. They sell all sorts of weird and wonderful things you wouldn't find in a big chain store

The shelves near the back are the most exciting.

7. They'll (sometimes) let you try before you buy

Some independent wine shops and delis host in-store tasting events – delicious.

8. If they don't have what you want to buy, they'll happily start to stock it for you

As long as they know they've got a buyer, they'll get it in.

9. They'll save you a copy of your favourite Sunday paper

They might even keep aside other things you buy regularly if they're low on stock.

10. They'll take in your online shopping orders for you when you're not at home

Saves you a trip to the post office, and you can pick packages up during your late-night milk run.

11. They know all the neighbourhood gossip

They'll keep you up to date with what's going on with that annoying pothole.

12. They're friendly with other small businesses and can recommend the best places to buy whatever they don't sell

If they can't stock it themselves, that is.

13. They let your dog inside if it's pouring with rain

They can't stand to see Fido shivering in the cold.

14. The local shop is a great place to catch up with your neighbours

You can get them involved in the gossip about potholes, too.

15. Small businesses really help their local community

Just under one-third of British small business owners invest some of their profits into neighbourhood repairs.

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