According to an AXA study*, 73% of people listen to music on the radio when driving for work. With so many people listening to music while driving, we want to harness the power of the music you listen to in order to make your drive as smooth – and safe – as we can.

So pop your device in a hands-free cradle, choose the latest playlist and enjoy a smoother ride on us.


Summer BBQ

Whether you’re planning the perfect summer BBQ or getting ready to hit the open road with the windows down and the volume up, our latest Van Driver Playlist is the ideal soundtrack to your summer.

Featuring upbeat tunes and chilled out vibes, the Spotify Summer BBQ playlist will get your summer started right. All you have to do is press play and get away.


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Feel Good Friday

Whatever day of the week it is, we can all use a little of that Friday feeling from time to time – especially after a long day stuck behind the wheel.

The Feel Good Friday playlist from Spotify features upbeat tunes to put a spring in your step and a smile on your face, so get ready for the weekend and hit play before you hit the road.


Stress-free Driving

From driving at peak times in congested areas to getting stuck in traffic on the way to the next job, driving can seriously impact your stress levels.

Totally Stress Free from Spotify has been designed around easy listening and relaxing rock to soothe your mood and encourage safer driving, so this playlist will make it simple for you to relax on the road.

*AXA Business Insurance survey, March 2015 (310 UK van drivers)