Can quality latte art increase your coffee sales?

Marketing and brand

15 April 2016

The nation has fallen under the spell of baristas who are creating a stir with their talent for beautiful creations atop our coffees. But did you know that a recent experiment suggests that people are willing to pay between 11–13% more for coffee with latte art than for those without it?

Participants in the study were shown pictures of coffee drinks with and without milk-based art and asked to rate the likability and expected price of the drinks. The cappuccinos and lattes featured in the study with artwork were rated higher than those without – and were also expected to be at least 11% more expensive.

Taking some extra care and attention when it comes to your product isn’t the only way to increase your profits, however. It all starts with getting customers through the door.

It’s all about footfall

Success for many businesses starts with increasing footfall. For a coffee shop, this could be as simple as offering a free coffee tasting to get people in the door when it’s a little quiet, or an imaginative and attractive sign outside.

Footfall is the starting point in any customer relationship, whether that happens face to face in the store, via online channels, or even over the phone.

Menu tips

But getting customers through the door is only half the battle – they still need to buy. Take advantage of seasonal promotions with the products you sell, or even offer locally sourced products and make your store the go-to place for independent coffee lovers. Feeling creative? Why not create a speciality drink with an enticing flavour and an interesting name to give your customers an experience they won’t get elsewhere?

Getting to know your customers

Understanding your customer’s likes and dislikes can go a long way towards keeping them happy. Once you know what people like and don’t, you can tailor your options to what seems to be working well. All of this is made simpler with mobile loyalty programmes, replacing the traditional loyalty card by sending deals and offers direct to your customers’ smartphones.

Providing highly relevant personalised messages to customers creates a real opportunity to upsell other products. It harks back to the local shopkeeper who would have a regular customer’s order ready before they’d even asked for it.

Put your cafe on the map

It can be tough getting customers to notice your cafe with all the other competition. Being known for something can be a lot easier than just being known. Leveraging your staff can be a great way of getting your name out there. If your staff have particular skills (such as foam art or being musically talented), then make sure you’re getting the most out of them – your staff will often be your greatest asset after all.

Most importantly, never underestimate the draw of a good joke.

What’s your top tip for coffee shop success? Share your expertise in the comments below!