How can small businesses win big at Wimbledon?

Marketing and brand

11 July 2017

It’s that time of year again when the UK goes Wimbledon crazy and the annual grass tennis tournament takes over our TV screens.

With Wimbledon bosses planning more online promotions, it could pay dividends to plan your own business tie-ins.

Traditional favourites

In the build-up to the finals on 15 and 16 July, there are Wimbledon classics you can always rely on. The unique look and feel of lawn tennis is a natural fit for gardening gear, sports fashion and, of course, selling buckets of strawberries and cream.

Offering promotions on related products is one way to tap into the buzz. Even if you can’t reach the crowds on Murray Mound, savvy sales and catering companies should consider mobile pop-up stands selling strawberries and cream near local tennis events or big-screen viewings.

Brand Great Britain

Whether you’re looking to appeal to passionate patriots or tennis fans from around the world who are coming to the UK in record numbers this year, tapping into the Great British brand is an excellent way to get attention and boost sales.

From simple acts of support like flying the Union Jack on promotional material to offering products with a strong British identity, there are lots of ways your business can benefit. It’s the perfect time to invest in simple souvenirs such as flags and T-shirts, and let the power of Wimbledon do the rest.

Weather watch

Every year we discuss the Wimbledon weather, and 2017 is no different. But even when rain stops play, there are business opportunities.

Retailers can stock umbrellas, sun shades and ponchos. Even if you're not close to SW19, it's worth giving your displays a Wimbledon twist, or focus on selling to spectators on their way to the public screens popping up in cities from Bristol to Leeds.

Going global

This year, Wimbledon is hoping to extend its reach further than ever. Improvements to the tournament's online service, including computer-generated highlights for every game, will play a big part in that.

To grow your own audience, run online promotions and social media posts that are tailored to tennis-loving audiences. For example, offer a one-off online discount code on tennis gear if Andy Murray goes through to the next round. Like Wimbledon bosses, consider expanding to international platforms such as Weibo in China or Line in Japan. Get your target market right, and you can capitalise on the success of players from around the world.

So if you get ready ahead of the big final, it could be game, set and match for your business.