​Five things that could ruin your Christmas spirit

Growth and strategy

19 December 2016

What could be better than the bustling atmosphere of a busy December shop? As shopkeepers, there are certainly plenty of reasons to really get into the festive swing of things.

However, there are a few problems that Christmas could throw up to deplete any store of its seasonal spirit. We've complied a list of 'bah, humbug' moments to watch out for at Christmas.

The winter weather

Picture those idyllic Christmas card scenes of Victorian streets, all lamp-lit and covered in a blanket of snow. Now for the reality. The High Street during winter weather is often far from picturesque: you’re snowed in (or out); floods have halted any logistics; and your staff can’t get to work. And all you can do is stamp your frozen feet.

When decorations attack

Christmas decorations are sparkly and beautiful things, but they're also potential trip hazards and fire risks. Even Christmas trees can have malignant moments and fall over, possibly landing on stock or customers. Tether and secure all decorations firmly and make sure your Christmas displays are out of the reach of inquisitive little mittens.

Santa’s gone missing

You’ve been busy packing up last-minute Christmas orders, before posting them off triumphantly – only to get a phone call a week later to say that they haven’t arrived. Your heart sinks – time to send out some replacements.

Now virtual Santa’s gone missing too

Online business is brisk, and customers are busily buying up your stock. But what if your website crumbles under the pressure of the increased traffic? And the same could happen to your suppliers, leaving your shelves short of essential items. Everything feels too reliant upon technology, and you start longing for the days of hand-written orders.

The season of giving...

When they say that it’s better to give than to receive, they could well be talking about Christmas colds. The winter snuffles can actually cause real interruption to your business, leaving you lacking in both staff and energy.

With shut shops, dangerous decorations, disastrous deliveries, crashing computers and snuffling staff, you may start feeling short of Christmas cheer.

However, a retail insurance policy from AXA could go some way toward helping guard against these 'bah, humbug' moments.