Have you jumped on the mobile EPoS trend?

Digital and innovation

23 March 2016

Modern Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) till systems are revolutionising the way shop owners interact with their customers. And as an increasing number of small businesses are expected to install tablet EPoS checkouts in 2016, here's a quick look at the main features and advantages of these systems.

More space for stock

It's an obvious one, but tablets clearly take up less counter space than traditional till systems, and can be wall-mounted to give you more room to promote your products and display items that have been gathering dust in the stockroom. What’s more, some smartphones have the capacity to run EPoS systems, enabling you to free up even more space by providing staff with portable tills.

Customer control

Wall-mounted EPoS systems give card-paying customers the opportunity to bypass the queue and pay for items themselves, while remote payment apps like PayPal and Apple Pay provide customers with a simple and secure way to check out – in some cases with just one touch.

If handing over payment control makes you panic, bear in mind that self-service EPoS systems have been around for some time (think self-service checkouts in supermarkets). These DIY systems are particularly popular in Japan, where waiter-free restaurants and touch-screen subway payments are also popular. Your business might be reluctant to go this far, but passing a bit more control to customers can help reduce long queues and frustration at busy times.

Keep an eye on your reports – from anywhere

Totting up receipts at close of business can be time-consuming, but EPoS systems help to improve efficiency by automatically generating sales reports throughout the day. Additionally, mobile EPoS systems store data in the cloud, letting shop owners check daily profits and sales reports on their smartphone or tablet from any location.

Go where the customers are

From local markets to trade shows and pop-up shops, a wireless EPoS system installed on a tablet gives you the freedom to do business anywhere – helping you to reach more customers.

But whether you’re shop is online or on the high street, a start-up or an established retailer, it’s important to make sure it’s protected no matter what new trends the future may deliver.