The hidden benefits of public liability insurance

Safety and insurance

13 April 2016

In every profession, there are ways to set yourself apart from the rest. These skills may not be job requirements, but they go a long way towards helping you succeed. For example, advanced arithmetic might not be necessary to work in a supermarket, but it would certainly wouldn’t hurt!

The same can be said for public liability insurance. Although it’s generally not a legal requirement, it can go a long way towards setting you apart from your competition. Below are some examples of how public liability insurance can help your business, offering more than cover alone. 

Gardening and landscaping

As with contracts in any profession, larger landscaping contracts often come from councils, public bodies or private organisations. While gardening might carry a low public risk, institutions like these will nevertheless look to be covered for any possibilities, no matter how unlikely they may seem. In many such places, their insurance will also require any contractors to have public liability insurance in place simply as a means of protecting themselves.

In some cases, private companies may not stipulate public liability insurance as a requirement, but as competition is often very fierce, anything you can do to make your business stand out is only going to be of benefit.

Being able to show a level of comprehensive cover can also be beneficial in winning work from private residencies. Public liability insurance can help establish your business as reputable and provide homeowners with the assurance that, in most cases, accidental property damage will be covered.

Dog grooming

When looking for someone to groom their pets, owners want reassurance. They want to know that a trusted business will look after a member of their family. Public liability cover can go a long way towards demonstrating your expertise and reliability and help get your relationship with the customer off to a great start.

As well as the emotional aspect in demonstrating a level of care for a beloved pet, in the competitive scene of dog shows the right protection can also be a financial consideration. Dog breeding and competitive shows are big business. To compete in these spaces and have the best shot of winning work as a dog groomer, public liability insurance is often required.

Singers and musicians

It might not be immediately obvious, but public liability insurance can also help singers and musicians secure venues when looking for places to perform. Dedicated music venues will often have their own separate policies, covering accidental damage to the property, liability insurance for employees and members of the public, and business interruption as well. But, smaller and alternative venues won’t always provide the same level of cover.

Having your own protection can provide a level of reassurance and demonstrate responsibility. This shows a venue owner that you not only treat your profession seriously, but will respect the premises and that any accidental damage you may cause would be covered by your policy.

Public liability insurance is more than protection alone; it’s a demonstrable sign of the legitimacy of your business and can even help your offering appear more respectable. It may not be required, but it can go a long way in helping you secure new business in future.