Be bold: how female entrepreneurs can challenge inequality in business

Motivation and fun

7 March 2017

Each year, International Women’s Day is a global celebration of female achievement.

This year, the theme is #BeBoldForChange, a call to create more equal working environments. If you run your own business – or you’re thinking of going into business – here’s ways in which you can be bold or change and challenge inequality for all women.

It’s not a man’s world

If you’re just starting out in business, don’t be reluctant to explore opportunities within typically male-dominated industries. Be bold for change. According to our figures, only 5% of women are working in the trades industry. With excellent pay and prospects, and a general skills shortage, why aren’t more women joining up?

Be bold, speak up

According to one study, men do 75% of the talking in meetings. If you lack confidence, it can be difficult to speak up. And that’s not just a issue for women, it can affect men too. Making your voice heard will help build your confidence a get you the respect you deserve.

Be bold for change and eradicate gender bias in meetings for good.

Don’t be discouraged

Don’t let negative comments or fear of failure discourage you from chasing your business dreams. Women are more likely than men to be discouraged by remarks from family and friends (17.6% as opposed to 10.2%). Self-belief, passion and a positive mindset can go a long, long way. But if you’re compelled to convince your doubters, share your business plans and explain your ideas.

Be inspired

There are so many inspirational role models for female entrepreneurs (here’s just some leading female figures you should follow on twitter). If you would like hands-on support, seek out a mentor. You may already know someone who can encourage you, or your Chamber of Commerce can put you in touch with local businesswomen.

Boldness comes from knowing that both sexes can be equally talented in business. Nobody should be judged on their gender, but on their attitude, ethics and skills.