Work in IT? Share the love this Valentine’s Day

Motivation and fun

5 February 2016

Most small business owners love being their own boss and having no one to answer to – and despite 70% of them putting in more hours than the average 9-to-5 job – they love doing what they do more than punching a time clock for someone else.1

But being on your own isn’t always a bed of roses, with one in three home-working professionals often feeling lonely at work.2 When it comes to developers and programmers, a whopping 80% feel lonely at work, while 40% work more than 10 hours a day – which doesn’t leave much time for a romantic evening with your Valentine.

Now maybe the time of year has just got us all sentimental, but we don’t want anyone feeling lonely on Valentine’s Day. So we wanted to share the love – with a series of pun-derfully romantic cards for IT consultants, programmers and developers.

Share the love

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You're the USB's knees

You’re not pretentious, you’re not flash-y. You, my dear, are the bee’s knees.


We're like two IPs in a pod.

We’re both so similar, but also so unique. We’re so made for each other.


You had me at Hello World

Seriously, you had me at hello (world). And I want to tell you so much. I love you.



Sometimes love isn’t plain sailing. As Queen B says, you gotta work it out.

Fancy yourself a literary lothario?

As you might have guessed, we’re suckers for a good old-fashioned pun here at AXA – and we’re sure you are too.

Fancy getting in on the fun? Leave a comment below with your own pun-derfully romantic message for the IT consultant, developer or programmer in your life – and we might even design it especially for you.

Not much of a literary lothario? Feel free to share our ready-made Valentine’s cards or tag your loved ones below so they get the message.

1AXA Business Insurance survey of 350 micro-SME owners, December 2014.

2AXA Business Insurance survey of 329 self-employed professionals that work from home, January 2016.