Memo: exciting new tech investment scheme

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30 December 2015

Dear Client,

You recently expressed an interest in hearing about potential investment opportunities, and I think I’ve found a very promising proposition.

Bermuda-based corporate finance firm Wot-R-Drones Inc. is seeking backers for pilotless ‘sense and avoid’ drones – next-generation flying robots that change their altitude and route to avoid high-rise or airborne hazards.

Currently being developed at prestigious Paris design facility 'Le Shed de Gary', the drone (patent pending) is in its beta stage. Its first test flight was launched last week, and although it did result in a minor collision with a tree in the local park, the design team has every confidence the next flight will be more successful.

As you will no doubt be aware, this is an exciting emerging product field within the tech sector, with potentially considerable rewards for early adopters. I believe that this opportunity would be perfect for you as a first-time investor.

Should you wish to discuss any of the above in further detail, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards,

Y. R. Accountant

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