Preparing your shop for summer

Marketing and brand

7 June 2017

For high street retailers, summer season is a peak time for sales. There are some key things you need to do to get your shop ready for the warmer weather, and we're not just talking about making sure your retail insurance policy is up to date.

We've got a few tips for summer 2017 that can help to boost your profits by encouraging footfall.

Catch passing trade

When the sun comes out people are likely to want a cold drink or ice cream. Families will be spending more time out and about, and office workers are looking for any excuse to nip down to the shops.

If you don't already have a fridge or freezer in your shop, picking one up for summer could increase your footfall and your profits. Keep it near the door, where passing customers can see it, and put up a sign advertising that you now sell ice-cold drinks and/or treats.

Displays of sunglasses and sun hats are also good for sunny days, as people often forget these essentials and need to buy them on the move. A few bottles of SPF 30 suncream (and boxes of painkillers for sun-induced headaches) can entice customers into your shop.

As we live in Britain, short sharp rain-showers are common, so have some ponchos and umbrellas in stock just in case.

Keep an eye on the calendar

Write down the dates of big events and work out tie-ins for your shop. This can be nationwide events such as Wimbledon (strawberries, cream and Pimm's) as well as smaller local galas and fêtes. Knowing when something is going on in your town gives you the ability to respond to crowds and avoid the embarrassment of running out of your best-selling products.

It's also worth thinking about passing trade from tourists arriving in your local area for bigger occasions. Keep an eye out for local arts and music festivals that could be taking place nearby. You might assume that people will pack their cars up with everything they need, but you'd be surprised at what people need to replace at short notice. It's worth stocking up on the basics, wellies, picnic blankets and even tents for those not-so-happy campers.

Although the seasons are predictable, the situations and difficulties you can encounter as a retailer aren't. With AXA's retail insurance policy you have year-round coverage, so your business is protected whatever the weather.